Missing operating system? Laptop missing operating system. Desktop missing operating system. Computer operating system missing. This video contains a possible fix and a couple of tips on what might be causing the “Missing operating system” message on startup.

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29 thoughts on “Missing operating system? Desktop Fix / Solution

  1. wow sobrang thank u.. buti nlng bumalik sa dati laptop ni mama. neh nerbyos ba nmn ako 😭😭😭.. bgla nlng namtay ang laptop.. search aq agad sa youtube.. haay slmat

  2. I though i had to get some real help, but you solved my problem within half a minute. Thanks, but why do flash drives cause this issue?

  3. Sir this is the scenario, I'm just cleaning my computer files or deleting some folder using Command Prompt then 2 days after that, when I open my PC it says that missing operating system. So now, what can I do to fix this problem. Thanks in advance.

  4. Want to see my gaming PC setup, Check it out here.


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