Miitopia is a role-playing game developed and published by Nintendo for the Nintendo 3DS. The game was released in Japan in December 2016, and will be released worldwide in July 2017

Behold the awesomeness of your own personalized RPG adventure

Since the dawn of ever, warriors have banded together to fight evil. Now… Mii™ characters based on your favorite people must unite to do turn-based battle and save Miitopia! Cast them in roles across the kingdom, manage friendships, and give them jobs with distinct stats, abilities, gear, and a custom look. Then behold as awesomeness unfolds!


Embark on your own personalized journey – Guide a team of Mii characters on a quest to defeat the Dark Lord and restore the stolen faces of the people across the Kingdom of Miitopia.
Cast your Mii characters in various roles – Mii characters based on your favorite friends and people will mingle over food, camping, exercise, sleeping arrangements, and yes, combat!
Experience RPG battles with a twist – Your party’s relationships affect the outcome in traditional turn-based battles. Enemies attack while you explore the world map, which is littered with hidden paths and treasures.
Get in-game items with amiibo – Tap compatible amiibo™ figures to receive in-game items: some amiibo yield Mii costumes based on the character tapped; others offer tickets to play minigames in the arcade.

Miitopia is a role-playing game from Nintendo on the Nintendo 3DS. The player composes a team of Miis and sends them on a quest to recover the world’s faces. The player doesn’t fully control the party but, builds their relationships and abilities indirectly to influence the game.

The game starts with the player choosing their Miis for their player and the Dark Lord as they enter the initial town. After wandering outside the town, the player enters the first combat and decides what Job they will take. The player will later decide the other members of the party as they progress and chose their jobs as well as choosing significant side characters. The player takes his team in stages where players go along a path encountering events and battles. In combat, the player can choose what actions the player character does. However, this action is generalized and based on what personality and relations, the player’s team does attacks to the enemies. The player can also use salts to restore health and mana. Mana and health only restore at the inn .

After the day is finished, the player can choose which rooms the characters will be in with two Miis per room. A room with two Miis is more likely to improve their relationship but, bad engagements can still happen. Miis will then ask to buy something varying between food and equipment, but there is a chance they will misspend their money. In the morning, the player chooses their meal which gives specific stat boosts based on the food. There is also an arcade option which the player can earn items and more gold

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  1. Sapphy, I'm looking for one of your Miitopia playthroughes where you were fighting Mice. Can you tell which one it is?

  2. On my to do list: Finish Miitopia (whole GAME), Make a Video for Sapphy Stars because I want to, Continue Rping and make a Rp Series… and that's it…

  3. I can't get past the clever running noses and giant ufos that are together after u defeat two running noses.. my team is:

    Warrior level 30
    Princess level 22
    Flower level 31
    And cleric level 30

    Any tips?

  4. I just 100% the cat. I got he cat to level 50, and got every catsuit (except for the rugged. 🙁 ) and I got every claw. My first 100% character almost.


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