Haiiii~welcome to my Miitopia New Lumos Tower of dread finale livestream~let’s have fun together~yayyyy~ :3
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If you break the rules once you will be timed out and warned, break the rules twice and you’ll be banned~

~General Rules~

1.Respect me, my mods and other viewers~

2.Links aren’t allowed~Since they’re completely unrelated to the stream~So unless I ask~No links~

3.No advertising~

4.Don’t ask to be a mod~

5.No Spamming or Caplocks~

6.No inappropriate/dirty jokes, sexual language, etc~

7.No excessive curse~The odd curse is allowed and sometimes needed~I do it too but please no excessive cursing~thank you~

8.English only~

9.Please be patient and don’t get angry or upset about not being able to join in when i’m playing multiplayer games~i’m trying my best~ :/

9.Have fun and enjoy yourself~Let’s all have a fun time together~YAYYY~

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  1. After about 2 years, I dug up this game and I say-
    Normal king cow was pretty tough, even for the first boss of new lumos. Ouch.

  2. Hey Sapphy, start a miitopia hardmode! Like start the game over and play without grinding or 100% every level.
    I'm having 2nd thoughts about adding you to my Miitopia post game

  3. If you want to beat the boss at level 28 (or any level under 50): You're 'aving a laugh! Jog on and get your characters maxed out

  4. I'm also fighting myself. That's because every mii in my game is me lol. (And also because I have Autism, but that doesn't count)

  5. Heya. Remembered me saphy? If not, the names seo/infinite. I just wanted to say again thank you for giving me good tips for miitopia with those videos. Have a good day :3

  6. just use the elf class because the powerbuff girl use the bow because there are girl cloths there

  7. I know im late AGAIN. But MITTOPIA SEASON 2!!! nintendo should make miitopia 2 and add more of a story, like the dark curse not complet-nope not going to happen.

  8. Thanks for your darker lord diddy cong you showed me I need defense to beat him and finely did thank you!!!!!!!

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