Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator Gameplay – A New Shoppe Keep Joins the Fray!


Medieval Shopkeeper Simulator with Splat! Let’s Play Medieval Shopkeeper simulator and check out it’s gameplay and see what it’s earliest alpha has to offer!

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  1. Dude, spending all that time in character creator doesn't really show the game.
    Good job on only spending 3 mins in this one, please keep it to 3 mins in the other games too =)

  2. I'm on the fence with this one. I like the concept but not a fan of some of the mechanics. Like that you constantly have to go back to the house to get shit. You should be able to bring it all out and onto your shop front. I'd even be okay with you having to take it all back in once the day ends. Just doesn't make sense to have it the way it is. Overall not bad game but needs tweaking.

  3. Wonder if there's a difference between "Don't Trade" and "Don't have item" options. Maybe there will be a reputation system or something later?

  4. Great video man! I've been a long time sub, but i've never commented (i think). I love your content alot, focusing on the indie games, and not just the AAA games like most other gaming youtubers, while adding very entertaining commentary! Keep up your videos!

  5. It's like a rich uncle hired people to buy things from his "challenge" relative.  rocks, stick, dirt, grass they by anything from him.

  6. This seems awesome, but the music is driving me up the wall! Hopefully it's just placeholder tunes. Any chance we'll see more Moonlighter?


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