MadWorld with Special Guest Steve-O – Guest Grumps


Guest Grumps returns with special guest, Steve-O!!!
Check out Steve-O’s comedy special now on vimeo!

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  1. I'm honestly surprised that steveo doesn't like videogames! I always kinda pictured him playing the classic hawk games and being a classic console dudebro.

  2. Violent games show us how are world could be but it isn't so we should be thankful. And yes this is why they are important.

  3. His head was still rebooting these days. You can even tell during the Game Grumps geust episode. Very slow journey to recovery. Still phenomenal.

  4. This ain't the most violent video game. Manhunt 1(and 2) Mortal kombat or no more heroes is better. I like this game but I hate how the graphics make the pictures confusing.

  5. I love that this whole thing is "poignant conversation with Steve-O while a game happens to be in the background"


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