Longplay of Frogger's Adventures: The Rescue


Longplay of Frogger’s Adventures: The Rescue, played as the NTSC version on the GameCube. This game’s version was released on Oct. 21st, 2003. Please give the video a like! Timecodes are below:

0:01:56 – Tutorial
0:04:35 – Firefly Swamp: Stage 1
0:06:40 – Firefly Swamp: Stage 2
0:09:50 – Firefly Swamp: Stage 3
0:12:34 – Firefly Swamp: Boss
0:16:30 – Metro-Mayhem: Stage 1
0:20:38 – Metro-Mayhem: Stage 2
0:24:15 – Metro-Mayhem: Stage 3
0:27:40 – Metro-Mayhem: Boss
0:38:30 – Molten Island: Stage 1
0:44:42 – Molten Island: Stage 2
0:50:42 – Molten Island: Stage 3
0:56:04 – Molten Island: Boss
1:00:58 – Forgotten Island: Stage 1
1:06:15 – Forgotten Island: Stage 2
1:12:33 – Forgotten Island: Stage 3
1:18:11 – Forgotten Island: Boss
1:25:05 – Puzzling Pyramid: Stage 1
1:27:44 – Puzzling Pyramid: Stage 2
1:32:36 – Puzzling Pyramid: Stage 3
1:36:28 – Puzzling Pyramid: Boss
1:44:55 – Sunken Temple: Stage 1
1:48:52 – Sunken Temple: Stage 2
1:59:04 – Sunken Temple: Stage 3
2:09:22 – Sunken Temple: Boss
2:17:45 – Nebular Nemesis: Stage 1
2:26:18 – Nebular Nemesis: Stage 2
2:32:45 – Nebular Nemesis: Stage 3
2:39:40 – Nebular Nemesis: Boss
2:47:22 – Credits

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  1. I used to play this game SO much and thought I was so far along… turns out what I did in several years only tales 28 min…..?????? Whaaaat tf

  2. boss 1: wisskur the catfish 12:58
    boss 2: bugicopter 28:15
    boss 3: megon 56:07
    boss 4: r-ex 1:18:42
    boss 5: nokkmonrah 1:36:48
    boss 6: alton 2:09:25
    boss 7: baron von gayydur (final) 2:39:50

  3. Man, I remember playing this when I was a kid, but I was a dumb kid and kept using the analog stick for movement which kept making me fall and die, so I just gave up halfway.

  4. I'm 14 now, and DANG! This game brings back some raging moments and perfect moments when I was about 6 years old!

  5. The sounds of him pushing/pulling stuff randomly pops into my head. I can be at work minding my own business when suddenly "EEEE UGH, AUCK AUCK UHHHH"

  6. DUUDDEEEEEEE I played this when I was like 4 and barely remember it besides a couple minutes of the first levels probably but now I’m looking back at this cause i was wondering what I was playing. I’m 14 now lol

  7. You know, for a game with such a kiddy (if cliche) plot, it sure has some insane puzzles.

    Seems kinda odd the final boss looked so easy compared to the other ones, and that it wasn't the otherwise-unnamed "TRIP Boss" that sort of just vanished from the plot, both figuratively and literally.

  8. When you really focus til you accidentally fall off the platform. lol i played this on Wii U with Nintendont through the vWii homebrew. so far i got 12 gameovers. wow how did i beat this game when i was a kid, this game frustrates me but at the same time it's actually pretty fun. i know Konami gets hate these days but they should try and remake this for Nintendo Switch.

  9. Wow what can I say?? Great all around game. A large part of me wanted to give updates on my thoughts and feelings on your gaming abilities throughout the video, but I decided to keep my opinions to myself. I will say this though – you're really bad at that dinosaur world. Almost died like 7839256 times. Good video though – it brought back a lot of memories from when I was wee little. Sometimes I would sit on my FirstAid Personal Pooper and play Frogger while I was shitting in a plastic pan.

    Great Video! I liked it. But I didn't subscribe because this was a one time, guilty pleasure kinda thing. Maybe I'll be back for another game tho.

    #LongDick #PeeIsStoredInTheBalls #27mph



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