Longplay of Frogger: Ancient Shadow


Longplay of Frogger: Ancient Shadow, played as the NTSC version on the GameCube. This game’s version was released on Sep. 27th, 2005. Please give the video a like! Timecodes are below:

0:01:02 – Opening
0:03:25 – Practice
0:04:50 – Tears of Spirits: Level 1
0:07:21 – Tears of Spirits: Level 2
0:10:00 – Tears of Spirits: Level 3
0:11:37 – Tears of Spirits: Boss
0:16:15 – White Savanna: Level 1
0:18:50 – White Savanna: Level 2
0:26:40 – White Savanna: Level 3
0:33:53 – White Savanna: Boss
0:42:03 – Hidden Caves: Level 1
0:52:52 – Hidden Caves: Level 2
0:56:03 – Hidden Caves: Level 3
1:05:55 – Hidden Caves: Boss
1:14:01 – Dr. Wani’s Mansion: Level 1
1:24:48 – Dr. Wani’s Mansion: Level 2
1:33:39 – Dr. Wani’s Mansion: Level 3
1:37:23 – Dr. Wani’s Mansion: Boss
1:43:39 – Elder Ruins: Level 1
1:56:58 – Elder Ruins: Level 2
2:08:18 – Elder Ruins: Level 3
2:11:33 – Elder Ruins: Boss
2:19:13 – Doom’s Temple: Level 1
2:28:07 – Doom’s Temple: Level 2
2:32:22 – Doom’s Temple: Level 3
2:38:48 – Doom’s Temple: Boss
2:44:36 – Sealed Heart: Level 1
2:49:01 – Sealed Heart: Level 2
2:57:01 – Sealed Heart: Level 3
2:59:12 – Sealed Heart: Boss
3:10:46 – Ending
3:15:10 – Credits

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  1. I've now played all Frogger games for the GameCube and it's safe to say that each one of these starts out innocent and become controller-breaking-difficult later on. The difficulty is a bit bouncy as some early levels are infuriating difficult whilst later levels might seem easy in comparison.. nevertheless, the Sealed Heart chapter is an extreme challenge.

    What's different in this frogger game is that you now have HP. You might think that's great because you'll no longer have to restart the entire stage if you get hit by an enemy, but that's far from the truth.

    Graphics are fun, cutscenes are fun and the story is good considering the franchise.

    You can buy silly hats and useless items in the shop for coins. Sometimes, you'll find an HP upgrade in the shop too. I literally grinded the first stage for 5 hours to purchase all sorts of useless junk and finally the final HP upgrade as I REALLY needed that for Sealed Heart. I cut this grinding out though.

    Anyway if you plan on playing this game I desperately advise you to just grind all HP upgrades first because you're gonna need them for Sealed Heart anyways, unless you use save states, so you might as well use the extra HP to your advantage in the earlier levels.

  2. Ah yes, I remember inputting random codes on the title screen that spoiled me from the endgame playing as Berry, really good times.

    I miss playing this on my PS2 ;-;

  3. So I am just recently learning that there were 2 frogger games on the gamecube I didnt know about back in the day. This one and froggers adventures. I used to have frogger beyond and I loved that game. Cant wait to give this a go!

  4. boss 1: okotl 11:33
    boss 2: grion 33:59
    boss 3: kroki-men 1:06:51
    boss 4: dr.wani 1:39:06
    boss 5: gogoyamoo 2:12:10
    boss 6: bobg and lorrkkk 2:38:55
    boss 7: zigniss and dr. wani 3:00:31 (final)

  5. I had a weird vision, I don't know if it was a dream, fever dream, but I saw a loading screen in this game that made me a little scared
    i'm trying to find it, and i'm not sure if what I saw was real, it was like a volcano in the backround, and a shadow monster behind familiar frog characters

    maybe it was my young imagination when I played this game on the PS2 but, if anyone knows anything in frogger that was off or something that spooked them, leme know


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