[LIVE] Miitopia Part 34 Post Game Adventures! #CatBurger YUM


Miitopia Part 34 Post Game! Our Heroes defeated the Darker Lord and now they are creating an ARMY to save The Kingdom or CONQUER IT!. What happens next? Find out in EPISODE 34 of MIITOPIA Kid Friendly Let’s Play on Nintendo 3DS.

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The Kwings look at the NEW Miitopia Nintendo 3DS Game. It’s ADVENTURE TIME! Want to appear in our Miitopia series use this #Kwingtopia on Twitter to send us your QR codes for changing Actors or bringing in NEW champions LIVE!

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  1. Came back to leave a like and to see the rest of the stream. BTW laugh all you want, I still have your soul MWAHAHAHAHA

  2. They changed the time so peaple at school wont miss it but oddly enough i had something i had to do at school and i miss it! XD


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