Let's Play Eco | Walkthrough Gameplay | Carpentry, Research, and Fishing (P+J)


Join us in our singleplayer playthrough of the indie game Eco. In this episode we do some research, carpentry, and cooking. We also go hunting, and briefly show the fishing.

You can purchase Eco on Steam

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  1. I just started playing Eco a couple days ago and you guys just have the best banter and commentary! Keep up the awesome work! ❤️

  2. You think this game is a grind right now for you? I just got to the point in the game where I can build a factory (It's a late game workstation). When I took a look at the requirements for it, my head nearly exploded. It's like all the grinding I've done so far in the game has been a mere warm up, and now I've just got to the main event, and mother of all things grindy.  Also, I made a kitchen (workstation for the Culinary Arts skill), but when I went to place it, it disappeared. This might be a game bug, not sure at this point.


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