Jet Li: Rise to Honor | [Playthrough (no commentary)]


A basic playthrough of a game that stars Jet Li. Played on an emulator as the very short pauses I make in-game are save states.

I’ve set the game’s voices to Cantonese while the game’s in Hong Kong and English while in San Francisco. You can only change the Hong Kong voices.

I tried the demo way back, thought it was cool, and got my mom to buy a used copy of the game, which I still have.
Its combat’s rather unique if not just a little repetitive, the stealth sections have a lot of B.S. moments, and both the Cantonese & English voice acting is more often than not silly.

The game’s a lot easier than I remember. The first part of the game for sure, the first Hong Kong section, is cakewalk. The difficulty finally picks up afterwards.

1. Hong Kong (1): 2:10
2. San Francisco: 36:57
3. Hong Kong (2): 1:56:48


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  1. Omg I’ve spent years trying to figure out what this game was. I had it as a kid on the old ps2 demo discs and had fond memories of it

  2. I dunno whom they modeled Michelle after, but she must have been a really beautiful woman in real life. Judging by the fact that Kit’s model was quite similar to Jet Li, I guess Michelle was also quite similar to the woman they modeled after.

  3. The bar fighting segment of the game was probably my favorite part of the game. Beating the shit out of people with kung fu, throwing chairs, sliding them across the table, all while some upbeat jazz plays in the background.


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