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A playthrough of Hudson Soft’s 1990 NES game, Jackie Chan’s Action Kung Fu.

One of my most beloved action games for the NES, and one of Hudson’s most fun games on any system. It’s easy, but endlessly entertaining and it looks fantastic for an NES game with all the big sprites and surprisingly little flicker. I show all of the secret bonus levels in this video.
No cheats were used during the recording of this video.

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  1. Man the memories. The music .. I never knew I remembered this music but upon hearing it I realize how well I know it. Nes games had awesome sound tracks

  2. I remember this because it was the one of the easiest, predictable and unchallenging NES game available. The level of difficulty in it is close to nada

  3. I played this when i was studying 2nd or 3rd grade, but still feels like played yesterday, those days where just awesome….

  4. Mis primos y yo cuando niños tardamos semanas en pasar el juego, y esta persona lo pasa en 29 minutos. Me siento estafada. XDXDXD

  5. This is really one of Hudson's best NES games imo, right up there with Adventure Island 2 for top-tier third party platformers.


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