Jackie Chan Adventures FULL GAME Longplay Walkthrough (PS2)


Jackie Chan Adventures Longplay FULL GAME No Commentary Walkthrough (PS2) based on the cartoon

Watch it in shorter parts here:


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  1. You forgot a dog talisman, you can get in spanish village when you're playing hide and seek with a kids

  2. 2:18:19 i remember that when i play this game, the scene when jackie and jade talking, not this picture. The screen when i was playing that they talking but the picture is zoom out, full body in 2 person and full scenery, not like this scene. Maybe if i wrong, i apologize because i just wanna share my opinion when i play this game in ps2

  3. Cold Steel III is on the way next month, so if you have plans to play that at all please make sure to first go through the Trails in the Sky trilogy and Crossbell duology beforehand as major spoilers and references to both take place there. If you need a channel with video summaries for those games please let me know and I'll link it to you.


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