International Zone and Passport Control – Airport CEO Alpha 35 Getting Started Lets Play


In this episode I look at the international zone with large aircraft and the passport control desks in Airport CEO Alpha 35 Terminal Update. We are in our Airport in Norwich and check out the new features in the Terminal Update on Airport CEO Alpha 35 Experimental Branch.

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  1. Airport Lounge: too funny, looking forward to the new series. A couple of suggestions: could you please plan the airport in such away to prevent Aircraft wings clipping. For example: Small Commercial flight Stands need to be at least one square apart as do Medium Flight stands. Medium Aircraft also need 5x wide taxiway with 1 square either side for wing overhang. Large Aircraft need 7x wide taxiway with 1 – 3x squares wing overhang.

    The other thing I find to be a great challenge is to build an efficient airport with minimal error notification and with no flight delays. Many people seem to build airports with the mindset that the more Aircraft landing and taking off the better with no regard for what the requirements are for efficient Flight Turn-around are. One last thing, the AUTO Scheduler is EVIL. 🙂

  2. I'd like an aesthetically pleasing series but you don't need to start it immediately. maybe just after finishing reviewing all the new features of the game in this series.


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