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Yeti Hunter by Vlambeer (of Super Crate Box fame) is simply a game about the desperate art of tracking a Yeti through the arctic tundras of the frozen north. It really doesn’t try to be anything it’s not… but through what can often be a long and lonely walk, Yeti Hunter is able to establish a strong sense of foreboding atmosphere. Simple, low-fi art, unexpected details like tree climbing, and a constant barrage of snow in your face lead to a fairly unique experience that definitely belongs here on the show. Despite this being a fairly uneventful episode, hopefully we’ll be able to bond a bit since this game gives me an opportunity to discuss some strange topics. Give it a download for free at the link below and see if you can bag an elusive Yeti yourself.


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  1. I caught the yeti.  Don't use the gun and just run around and look for the blocky shape running away from you.  Just keep running after it. Do not shoot, do not use the scope.  After a minute or two of pursuit, he'll get caught in a bush, and SPOILER ALERT: when you collide with the Yeti, the game will restart. I must say, that is really anticlimactic. Anything would be better: the most corny static graphic of the yeti being shot, or eating you, or just a head-on with fangs bared for a few seconds before the game restarts would be better.

  2. that damn yeti is too god damn elusive right? I swear to god I saw him in my playthrough – and although I popped a screenshot of it at the end of the video.. I think I was genuinely going mad.
    awesome video though bud, big ups! 🙂

  3. You want irony? Sure, everybody can have their opinion because everybody is so open minded, yet my opinion has been hidden because people didn't like it.

    Open minded indeed.

  4. the irony is that you can appreciate art, yet call something horrible. this is why people don't like art school hipsters.

  5. If you look at other footage of this game there is a real yeti but he dissapears when you aim at him so its basically a massive troll.

  6. Yeh, i triee just left clicking, did nothing, he moves when you move aswell so if you stop so will he 🙁 30 Mins wasted I have it recorded though :]

  7. This game is awful. You can bang on about the minimalist artistic value and how ''unique'' it is all you like. I like art, I can appreciate art. And there are games that can be called art. Shadow of the Colossus fits that bill. This doesn't. This is tedious. It looks horrible.

    Even the fact its free is no excuse, because there is nothing to do.The music is good, I can say that for it. Outside of that, there is nothing of value here.

  8. wait, when you said "I'm not going to pull something like in that other video" what video? i don't necessarily need to know what is was, i just wanna know the video (BTW, love your video)

  9. What you download is a file called "download.rar". Then you can install "winrar" to unpack it. Just look for "Tutorial: How to open a .rar file" here on youtube.

  10. dad fuck how to do u play this it won't download right everytime i try it say's file cannot open becuase apparently i don't have the right program to open it fuck

  11. @RockLeeSmile Actually now that I think of it, given the "man's" incredible stamina, and the pool of blood at the beginning of the game, perhaps we are not hunting for Yetis, but we are a Yeti who is also a hunter.

  12. Perhaps, as mr. CarlosReapeR suggested, there is no Yeti.

    Maybe it's a commentary on urban legends, such as the yeti, which people spend time hunting for but don't exist.

    [Twilight Zone theme plays]

  13. The smash mouth / eggs thing is from something awful. The lead singer said he'd eat a bunch of eggs at once if people donated money to charity. When the amount got up to like 20+ eggs at once (for like 10 grand I think?) he weaseled out of doing it.

  14. One of my most vivid memories: At a grade 7 or 8 dance, I asked the DJ if he could play "My Generation" and he said "You mean The Stones?" Without hesitation, I responded "No, Limp Bizkit", and even at that tender age I could see the man curl up and die inside himself. He said "No." with a straight face and I slinked away and shudder every time I remember that encounter.

  15. Cool looking game! the super-narrow FOV (or maybe its a perma-zoom thing? i unno) is kind of disorienting though.

  16. You know what would be hilarious? If there actually was no Yeti in the game and it was just a huge troll joke by the developer just to make tons of people waste their time looking for something that dosnt exist. And it would be even funnier if each time you played your "time spent" would add online to some server keeping track of everyone's time, and a year later the joke would be revealed and published online like "humanity wasted a total of 100K hours looking for something that wasnt there"

  17. I was beginning to guess that if you look at the markings as footprints, it's a voyage of self-discovery.
    As an aside, apparently a sample of fur found in a North American forest was recently sequenced, and found to belong to an unknown extant hominid. Sure, it's no more than a dubious rumour of a possibility, but I like to think it's only a matter of time before some hapless hunter gets hauled up in Bigfoot court on a murder charge.


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