Hydro Thunder – The Best Boat Racing Game Ever


To start off this wonderful New Year, I decided to upload another Saiga GeneCast game review. In this video, I will be going over Hydro Thunder, a Midway racing game for the Sega Dreamcast. This is one of those Dreamcast games that has to be force booted into VGA mode. Click on the link below for more info.

Link to Retrobit VGA Box video:

Hydro Thunder is an interesting game because it is not a traditional racer. The reason is because it takes place on the water and the vehicles are racing boats. So, hold on tight and hope you don’t fall overboard as we boost our way through this review of Hydro Thunder for the Sega Dreamcast.

You may have noticed the amazing picture quality of the Sega Dreamcast. That can be only accomplished by VGA. It is a video format that you are probably using right now to connect your computer to your monitor. The Dreamcast can out VGA through a VGA box. There are many different boxes out there. The one that I am using is the Retro Bit and it only costs $25. With that amazing device, Dreamcast games look absolutely stunning.

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  1. you forgot to mention that you can jump by pressing L and when you released the L trigger press R and the boost button, you can also make a "super start" who gives you extra boost right in the start of the race. also if you wait 10 min ( or 15 i don't remember) in the "press start" screen ( the one with the hydro thunder logo and all the "cinematics") without pressing any buttons, the credits of the game will appear instead of another "cinematic" ( the credits are really funny), and also theres a little secret in this game, did you notice in the back of the box, they say there is 14 tracks, but theres only 13, yep theres a track in the files of the game that dont show up in the final game, if you want to see how the track looks, theres this guy who manage to get the track; https://youtu.be/OWkuDBDOykk . (due to this deleted track , some colors of the tracks name dont mashup with the "name box", example, greek isle is blue, easy, but the box is yellow, medium). also great video ( sorry if my english sounds like sh_t,i dont speak it all the time because im french)

  2. Nice video! And great image quality!! I don’t have much knowledge of consoles and technology, but I wondered what VGA is… I am using a crt television for my Dreamcast. Will vga also giving better quality there..?
    Thank you 🙂

  3. Hi. Thanks. I love good water games with good water physics.
    Is this as good as Waveracer on the Gamecube?

  4. Awesome Video Saiga Genecast And It's Hydro Thunder On Sega@Dreamcast (1999) And Development By Midway Who Brought Mortal Kombat Franchise.

  5. Dang the hover-mouse-over-the-seek-bar-thing-for-preview-thumbnails have not been doin it for me lately! I am assuming ye plugged that the Hot New! version is the way to be

    Bugfixed, plus the VGA flag set why no doubt =}

    EDIT: 2:10 0mG!!! I don't see rebranded Hot New! manual!?

  6. Hey guys, I was a little bit under the weather at the time I made this video. So if you are wondering about why my voice sounds a little different, that was the reason why. Anyways, I hope you guys enjoyed the video and have a wonderful start to a new year.


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