Hydro Thunder Gameplay (PS2) – All Playable Tracks


What I have here is an Arcade game made by Midway before it went bankcrupt in 2009 and shut down in 2010. Back in the days, I used to play this game on PS1 but the graphic was horrible. It was ported to N64, Sega Dreamcast and PC too. The Dreamcast port is the best port among other platforms.

This game is included in Midware Arcade Treasures 3 for the PS2 port. The graphic looks much better and beautiful but it lacks a lot of stuffs unlike other platforms though such as Catacomb Bonus Course and 4 Bonus Boats. No idea why Midway didn’t include it in this compilation.

I keep on using Tidal Blade boat because it has great handling, speed, boost speed and jump. I don’t want to use Hard Boats because the handlings are horrible even though they are fast.

This gameplay aims to show you all tracks that you can race. This port doesn’t have Main Menu music and loading screen sound so I added them myself using PS1 sounds. All in all, I hope you guys enjoy the gameplay in 60fps 🙂

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  1. Great game with an amazing soundtrack. Tidal Blade is my favorite boat too along with Armed Response. I played on Dreamcast and Gamecube but It would be cool to have the actual sit down arcade cabinet.

  2. They seem to have changed how the A.I. works in the MAT3 ports especially on XBox and PC. Making it more dependent on how many shortcuts you master than how fast you go overall. Could finish a race in 1:51 but end up in 3rd because I missed a few shortcuts, but then win the race in 1:57 the next run because I managed to hit enough shortcuts and secrets.

    Also the Xbox version breaks the loading screen dialogue. My cup holders are no longer go.

  3. I remember back then when i found this game in an emulator at the bowling alley and always spent countless time with it! It was an amazing experience! Recently i was trying to remember the name of the game and then i stepped in you're video and after that i downloaded it cracked on my computer! Nonethless, great gameplay and shortcuts! 😀

    By the way, since you are still active, would be appreciated if you could check out my first upload about a huge and unexpected shortcut at artic circle that i did by myself! And i ask you that because we do quite similiar content! 😛

  4. So in this video you use sega dreamcast emulator for your pc right? Or using epsxe because the graphics is pretty amazing, and what's spec on your pc? Thanks for sharing bro

  5. YOOOO!! I remember playing this game on a real arcade machine when I was a little kid…I found it somehow from the xbox game pass, there is the newer version and i searched YouTube and found your video! I remember every track and I loved it so much..my dad spent a lot of money so I can play this game…I always lose to the bots 😀 Ty for the video man!

  6. I used to play the arcade machine for this at a local 50's themed diner that had a small arcade at the front with this game.

  7. I like how they have a systems check during loading and one of the items is cupholder, responding with "cupholder is a go!" XD This game had so much fun with itself and it makes it that much better of an arcade experience.

  8. I played this game growing up along with tomb raider. My dad played it and then me and my sister wanted to try and she got hooked on tomb raider and I got hooked on hydro thunder

  9. The Bonus Boats are included in this game, at least I think so. You just need to input a cheat code after setting a new top record after placing 1st on any race. Type in the initial "?PB" after finishing 1st & being on the top record, and the bonus boats, along with the other content, should be unlocked.

    If this doesn't work, that's strange, because my Midway Arcade Treasures 3 has the bonus boats.

  10. Hey I forgot to request this Monday is my birthday so Monday upload joe and Dan G vs Scarface and Iceberg at dragon house if that’s alliright with you bro


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