How Winners Play Politics


Are you losing because you refuse to “play politics”? Not lying or manipulating—but understanding the “human” aspect of accomplishing big dreams.

Get 12 winning tips for the game of politics—and learn why having a thick skin is for dinosaurs (and why you might also go extinct if you have one too).

All on the 9th episode of The EDGY Perspective.

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  1. There is no point in pointing fingers unless you are pointing to the truth. And when ever you pointed the finger you have four fingers pointing back at you.

  2. Fools play politics
    Fools believe
    Wise people know what is appropriate

  3. Do you have a video on HOW you should say things? I find humans impossible to understand sometimes, because they always hear things I did not say, no matter how careful I put it. (I'm sure it doesn't help that my voice is monotone. How can I fix that btw? I don't know how to sound emotional.) But is there some kind of guide for human behavior and on which way things should be said for the best effect?

  4. People assume you are lazy, it did imply for me, Now will follow what you said and will let you know if it worked.

  5. The videos you make are like a life for people who lost hope and have no where to go. AWESOME ! :O 🙂

  6. Sure you want us to achieve the best, or who thinks nowdays for anybody!!you indeed helping us to cross hurdles


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