How to wrap or seal your movies, steelbooks, dvd's, blu-rays, ps4 or xbox games. Shrinkwrap, rewrap


Video on how to shrinkwrap your movies using an impulse sealer, PVC bags and a heat gun. Iron Man Futureshop steelbook.

UPDATE- For those wondering-
I used a U-Line Impulse sealer. There are 12″ and 8″ versions. They’re a little more expensive but you can find used ones on ebay for cheaper. Or look here on Amazon-

The wraps have changed over the years. PVC used to be the only thing available in these sizes, but if you’ve done this before, you noticed that the PVC material gets kind of stiff and brittle when heated. A better product to use is called POF or Polyolefin, it looks and feels better and when you shrink it, it’s still malleable and stretchy a bit, and also less shiny than PVC. Here’s an example on ebay-


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  1. Who else came here to find out how to close there video game for Christsmas because you wanted to play it without you mom finding out

  2. I use to use this process on used games when working at Babages (Gamestop now) back in the 90's. What gage is that PVC Shrink wrap???

  3. And this is exactly why you have to pay attention on buying rare sealed games on eBay. But, I can always tell the difference. These cheap machine can’t make a H-seam LOL.

  4. I buy used ps3 games, clean the discs and cover, complete the game/platinum trophie and now a new step, resealing.
    I may have a problem.

  5. Good for keeping steelbooks in good condition, but I hope no one tries to return items this way as it's pretty noticeable when it's resealed.

  6. I’ve been doing this but it creates little holes along the packaging. And obviously I want it smooth. Anyone know why?

  7. This is horrible! I can only imagine game collectors such as myself buying old classic games that are sealed. I can see that one of my games are sealed like this………. but this was done differently. Now i have to question the ebayer if he self wrapped it.

  8. Amazing tutorial! Thinking about doin' this for my steels because I hate the cardboard cutouts that litter the look of them (especially with the european releases of the Marvel movies that are horrible), also lmao to the people who called you scumbag because they got duped by others

  9. Brilliant. Very informative. That’s the good news. The bad news is now I’m CERTAIN I’ve been duped more than once. Nice vid though.


  11. u wont get away with this guranteed. I bought a store version and the corners and everything was very smooth and when u look at this its rough and edgy and there nothing u can do about it.

  12. Does it look like it would pass as legit, even for seasoned collectors like myself? I'm wondering if I've ever been duped, lol.


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