How To Use Your Body In Soccer To Protect The Ball


We are going over how to use your body in soccer to protect the ball in this video. ******* Get Your Free Soccer Training Course Here:

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About this video: We are going over how to shield the ball in football in this video! Being able to use your body in soccer effectively is very important. Great thing is you don’t need to be huge or muscular to do so. Sure, that helps, but even if you’re smaller, you can learn to protect the ball.

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  1. Happy Easter to all of you celebrating! We are going over some of the basics when it comes to using your body in soccer to protect the ball! New video tomorrow at 5PM!

  2. Why do I search "football" in google and get a bunch of cosplayers running with a rugby ball in their hand?

  3. Hi! Is it ok If take some images and post it on my facebook fan page? here -> of course will take your credit and mention! Let me know, thanks!

  4. Can you do a video on how to defend over the top through balls? Sometimes I struggle with this idk why I used to be good at defending them

  5. Thanks @SimplySoccer, I love Soccer so much even though I don't have any instinct in it..I'm 26 years old, not the best period time to improve my skill…But I truly want to improve myself,For me, the happy moment was when I feel I was developing my skill, feeling that I was improving day by day….
    I don't have time and also don't have enough money to play soccer all the time, but I really want to improve myself…So that I use "Visualization" technique.And it was " when I have my free time(at wherever I was) I was closing my eyes, visualize vividly I was standing on the grass, at training session, or in the match, thinking I was receiving the ball or passing the ball ….I'v like to play in attack midfielder so that I must have a good ball control, so that I watch the videos from Xavi, Ozil(to improve my weak foot), and then I assumed I was doing like them…..

    Is it a good way to improve myself..You know I could play 7 matches in a week(normally 1 match per day), but i think play doesn't help me improve my skill much, so I use 5 days for traning and enjoy 2 matches…..
    Thanks you so much, I usually use your trick, it's so helpful…

  6. Very thanks for the tutorial.Really i was standing straight while protecting the ball.But i was confusing how the defender gets the ball off me. Thanks for the tips.

  7. the more I watch your videos the more I think that you deserve 500k subs at least man whoever disliked this video is blind because it was amazing

  8. how i become pro player i am from india i study in class 12. i can not known how i become a pro footballer .

  9. can u please tell what to do if I'm playing amazing in matches but not so well when I'm playing with my friends

  10. hey…
    I hope u see this comment and reply…
    I want video accelerate after dribbling…
    I can dribble good but my pace is slow…
    How to dribble and accelerate after dribbling…
    Plz make a video and thnx….

  11. Hi guys, if you like SOCCER/FOOTBALL checkout my channel please…also like share comment and Subscribe.. THANK YOU

  12. I use my body often when i'm on definsive side, but sometimes i miss the ball to be between the player and the ball.

  13. Great video man! By the way could you possible make a video on how to control high aerial balls without headering, I can't header because if I do I have a chance of losing hearing because of a condition so could you give me some ways to control high balls without headering the ball


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