How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Note 5


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Looking to root the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and remove some of Samsung’s bloated software on the phone? So long as you have a specific version of the Note 5, it’s a pretty easy affair. Essentially, we can just flash a rooted kernel onto the phone via Odin, Samsung’s own flashing software, and that’ll give us root access.

Once you have root access, you’ll be able to flash custom firmware in the form of custom ROMs (once you flash a custom recovery image onto the phone), remove bloatware from the phone, and more.

If you’re ready to get started, here’s how.

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  1. Can't find my variant. Literally fuck verizon, what a piece of shit of company FOR REAL is pure shit.

  2. Ну как бы это не для Note 5, это для S6. Странный перевод для русского языка.

  3. Hello, I tried to root my Note 5 Sprint, but after doing it I got a message that says kernel is not seandroid enforcing. Is there a way you can help me or has my phone become a brick. Please help me out and give me a clue so I can throw it away if that is the case. Thank you in advance.

  4. i fallowed all the steps but my phone wont fully turn on it says "kernal is not seandroid enforcing" phone model SM-N920W8 please help

  5. hey need help all i did will pass it cae too my mobile is restarting automaticly and up side its coming like thi KERNEL IS NOT SEANDROID ENFORCING what it means what should i do now ??????

  6. This root will put your note 5 in a constant boorloop. Refrain from using this! I did figured on how to unbrick my note 5 after flashing this kernel. Go to, find your model number and select the correct stock firm ware. Download it which it will take 3 hours. once downloaded to your computer, go back to Odin and flash the stock firmware you just downloaded from sammobile. Your phone will be back to normal.

  7. ummm how long will it take to reboot its been like 10 minutes
    please help and itmsaids kernel is not seandroid enforcing at he top left of the screen

  8. hi
    dear i try to root my note 5 SM-N920C
    when i root by kernel file and restart this masg show

    kernel is not seandroid enforcing / in REd colour
    mobile not start
    what i do

  9. Ok so how do you root phones that are not listed? or what if the last step failed? these questions should have been answered in the vid to begin with…. do you reall think these things have a 100% pass rate?

  10. i was following all the steps but when i stay in the spacex kernel download i found a different page that was not the same that he followed… damn!


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