How to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 IV Easily!


See How Easily you can root the Samsung Galaxy S4 IV, GT-i9505
with the baseband as I9505XXUAMDM

CF Root + Odin:
Samsung Drivers:

Get S4 in the USA:
Get S4 in the UK:


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How to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 IV Easily!
How to Root Samsung Galaxy S4 IV Official Genuine
How to Root Baseband Version I9505XXUAMDM
How to Root BaseBand MDM
How to Root Android Jellybean Easily
How to Root Android
How to root Samsung Galaxy S


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  1. the point is, the software 4.4.2 is to old. most apps don't work anymore. and if i update a newer root version. then i got not the same settings as the 4.4.2. i love that version

  2. My s4 mini got bricked, I start it in download mode, in any other way it wont start. Then I try with Odin and rom for i9190 and it doesnt work (I have 3 roms for s4 i9190). The result is always Fail, Get PIT for mapping. I dont know what to do because it is the only software I know for flashing. I tried many things and they dont work, like clock recovery, touch recovery, etc.. my drivers are ok just like I seen in other videos, and I have original cable and I use the back USB ports, I do everything and I cant solve.

  3. Help me out. I m trying but it's not complete and now I can't go back either my laptop can't recognize my headset. Plzz do something

  4. Im rooting the phone… Failed Phone gets bricked, And Dont mind… I fixed the brick easily lol, THIS DOESNT WORK Version: Lollipop (5.0.1)

  5. my mobile is crap need new mobile i think am poor looser see you you win you wi9n you win yes yes dont worry i am sick to death no system storage problem that all

  6. Mine got stuck in a boot loop and because it's a Samsung device I can't even use fastboot commands to get it to work again…

  7. It should be noted that every samsung gs4 hat its own CF root (i.e. 9500, 9505, 9506… etc)
    worked properly after downloading an CF Root for my gti9506 !

  8. Worked after days of grief. Everything is at the chainfire link. Odin has a new look. Check AP box and hit the button for the file. Titanium is now able to start disabling bloatware…..Like dialed in.
    It would be a good idea to backup your data first, like contacts. If things go wrong, boot into safe mode and do a factory reset. The reset process takes a long time to boot the first time. Will loose all data, but will start out with a nice fresh system. My phone rebooted with a rooted Android 4.3………………Thanks

  9. i need help, i rooted my s4 and when i turned it on, stuff started crashing, all my personal stuff was gone, and everything started not to respond. I installed a rom (grace ux) i formated all dalvik, cache, etc. when i start my phone up, i get welcomed to the screen where i set up my phone, but every 2 seconds it says "system UI crashed." then i hit ok and it goes to the SIM PIN place, and it crashes again sending me back to the set up menu, and that process repeats every time. fix?


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