How to Root Galaxy Note 8! [Exynos]


Here’s how to root the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, international Exynos models (SM-N950F, SM-N950F-DS (FD), SM-N950N(Korean))!!!

Sorry, it took me quite awhile(2 months) as I had to wait 7-days every time(due to Samsung’s new time limit on OEM unlock) I made a mistake while making this video so please thumbs up as it took me quite a long time to make this video.

Step-by-step written tutorial here:


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  1. i JUST BRICKED MY PHONE and somehow I ran into what I should have done! eish. HOW do I fix this one, need help gentlemen and ladies

  2. I downloaded a note 8 rom to my note 5, but doing so got rid of my root. Is it safe to re-root my note 5 with the note 8 rom using this method? BTW, it has android 9.0

  3. i clicked YES like you, when i back menu, phone restated and now i dont have OEM UNLUCK, do i have to wait 7 days ?, i changed date but i cant see it

  4. i have been tried this same process 2 times but after all the work done the magisk wont show up in the mobile. guide me about that please. what can be the reason?

  5. When I tried to open "SAMSUNG_USB_Driver_for_Mobile_Phones" it says "The app has been blocked for your protection" (Even if im the administrator) I tried to go to regedit to remove it but after I restarted my pc, it simply would not open even after several minutes.

  6. ok guys after several tries i did it fine all you need to disable your security or protection defender, and try again. cheers.


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