How To Root Asus Zenfone 2 100% Working Tested! | Latest Methods.


Hello viewers, Today I Show You How to unlock Asus Zenfone 2 Root. and proof is in this video. It’s 100% working. I am already Tested this mobiles Zenfone 2 ZE550ML , ZE551ML. It’s working Perfectly. All You have to Do is Just Follow The Complete Steps from This Video to Root Your Mobile.

Required :
Zenfone 2 Mobile
Zenfone Root tool
Android Driver Software.

Required File’s Download Links:-
Check This Link-

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  1. Hi this is Vivek from India I've followed your steps so far. But I got stuck between the process, the cmd window says it's waiting for device and on my mobile it is asking should it continue fastboot process. And I have no clue how to proceed so please guide me. And did any of viewers faced the same situation?

  2. You are just a god. I tried for 2 years to get the root and everything was empty. But thanks to you, I finally got it! Thank. ZenFone 2 ASUS_Z00AD AD v5.0

  3. Its not working on my asus zenfone z00AD.After entering any key here comes * daemon not running. Starting it on port 5037*
    * Daemon started successfully * but noting comes after that. what should i do now????

  4. please tell me sir now i am connecting to pc but cannot find the file which have to extract,where should i find mobile is asus ZenFone 2 ze551ml

  5. I wish my Galaxy 3 was this easy to root. I had a bad copy of Nougat on it and it's bricked. I will have to find a way to root that phone again and somehow reinstall an OS on it as it's now in the endless boot loop every time I attempt to start it.

  6. Techies need help!!!
    I guess this model Asus zenfone max (snap 615 with marshmallow) does not have any bootloader unlocker…searched like hell last few months….got to see many frustrated users ( =like me)…..asus have not released any unlocking tool for this model….so can anyone suggest if there is anyway to unlock the bootloader……asus have released a bootloader unlocking tool for their zenfone max ( snap 410 version). but not for this one.
    Further everytime i want to flash something using fastboot i get this message: Failed ( remote: permission denied)….i have checked and removed all forms of pin , pattern or screen lock on the phone…..further after extensive research i have understood this:
    1. Unloack bootloader first.
    2. Then install TWRP
    3. Install ( this completes rooting of the phone).
    But i cant complete the first step because there is no official bootloader unlocker released…..further i hv searched several forums …cant find any other tool to unlock the bootloader…can any body suggest sm tool so that i can get rid of this problem
    ??? please help!!!

  7. after Enter for Root Zenfone my asus do restart until finish on cmd, then Enter n Exit, off debug, then i do root checker but still not work.
    iam instal superSU but get note "no one binary installed and SuperSU can not install. This is a problem. If you upgrade to android 5.0. you need to manually re-root".
    then i try reroot..but still same problem..


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