How to Root Android 8.0 Oreo [Easiest Method]


How to Root Any Smartphone running Android 8.0 Oreo (Lineage OS 15 / AOSP) – Safe and Easy method!

How to Root Android Nougat:

Android Oreo Hidden Features:

TOP 5 Oreo Features:

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  1. youre a fucking idiot. So we download supersu and then what???? You started chewing bubble gum and lost everyone

  2. Lol i think what he means to say is…
    Hook up to your pc, flash twrp, reboot to twrp and flash supersu. Why not just flash supersu when you flash twrp🤦‍♀️
    This among many videos (almost all) relating to rooting is just a waste of time. Yes he is correct but he neglects to mention that you need to usb tether and flash recovery. Just thought id throw this info out here for the viewers…
    No 1click root app is updated for exploit success on android 8.0 and up as of yet. This includes:
    -King root
    -Kingo root
    -1click root
    -360 root
    -Ping pong root
    -Root genius
    -Root lander
    -Towel root
    -Universal and root
    None of the above 1click root methods are yet updated for android 8.0+.
    Majority is abandoned and exploited by malicious data from idiots taking advantage of the simple people wanting to root without unlocking the bootloader and flashing manually. The only promising apps to have an update in the near future in the list is king root and possibly one click root (bit of a stretch but also mildly possible eroot) the rest including this videos tutorial pick "kingo root" is not an option for android 8.0+.
    Other than the "safest and most reliable" traditional way by usb tethering with a pc the only other option atm that works is "root transmission". However to use it you need to OTG with an already rooted phone and you will also need a "boot script" to install as exploit. My galaxy s4 kitkat 4.4 was rooted with king root, once rooted i flashed twrp recovery, wiped my entire system to rid of all traces of the exploit and used twrp to flash "supersu" and new firmware… android 9.0 pie lineage os. Everything is absolutely great. However with my s7 8.0, i have all softwares and binaries needed, just waiting till i get in front of a pc. Recovery is all is needed to flash… once you have a custom recovery, you can modify the system as you pls from the phone till your heart is content.
    So yeah essentially this method is the goto unless you supersu flash when you flash recovery. Bootloader will need to be unlocked obviously

  3. It's so effective that there's a 40% thumb-down rate. Yeah…I think I'll just keep looking for someone who KNOWS what they're talking about.

  4. Tried same method on moto z play but now stuck on the warning message that your device has been unlocked….. Device is noot booting i can only open bootloader and unable to get in os
    Help me plzzzz

  5. Literally done it worked for me got root try it! It’s better than kingroot and framaroot! (That’s just my opinion)


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