How To ROOT Android 10, 9.0, 8.0, 8.1, 6.0.1, 6.0, 5.1.1 Systemless Root


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  1. hi. help me. when i unlock bootloader, volume up button and power button doesn't work. CPU: mtk6735. Android 6.. please(my english is beginner sorry)

  2. I can't root Itel A11 with any rooting application, and I don't have a PC, pls do you guys know what I should do that I didn't do?

  3. would you mind talking to us like we do not know what your talking about,,,cause we dont. What custom recovery are you talking about to download and where and how do we get it.
    Your using terms like we are techs. but were just people trying to understand. wanna bring it down a few notches?

  4. Easy… install a TPRW recovery mode but wait… ¿Guess What? You need root to install it.

  5. How do I root my RCA Viking Pro tablet ? Its 32GB and kings root is not working for it 🙁 also need help rooting my EZ Tab PT 18 device

  6. Y tf would I do this when I'm trying to root my device high u need root to do this like come on yo make change the title of the video

  7. just make sure you have recover installed already …and that's how how you root your phone. what a crap video. to root your phone make sure your phone is already rooted.

  8. Your android needs to be rooted if you fucking install this app
    And the fact that im going to install this because i wanted to be fucking rooted!!!

  9. Trash tutorial, no list of files used with links, talks to fast and rambles to much….No clear step by step


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