How to Play Animator vs. Animation – The Card Game


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  1. The gameplay isn't so exciting ,a suggestion that could make the game existing is either a video game with different abilities like stick fight or a boared game like Onitama which u can check out on Google play store these could be more interesting at a low price or better in game in app purchase of course animation vs animator themes
    It's all up to you of course

  2. Let me say something: Why did you create Victim and The Chosen One as the same color and face? Also, let me be honest. Maybe Purple could be a new character later on in this game. I recommend that these suggestions must be used in the next update of this card game.

  3. Alan: creates card game with animated items and characters
    James: I’ll be your friend and take the entire stock

  4. He has 11 mil subs but the video minecraft vs animation had over 2.3 mill likes nani?! And 189mill views?! That almost to defeat one of pewdie pie or tseries videos.(sorry the 189 i forgot to add the "mill")

  5. Gezz to many how to i can do animator with you sooooo i 8 year old you hellp me animate i play drawing cartoon 2 so is work. Pick me!!!


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