How to Make Money from Game Development


Want to make money from Game Development? Need to know your options for success? This video will tell you 8 ways to earn money from making games.

We all love playing video games – but how great would it be if we could make money from creating games ourselves? It’s definitely not easy to make that dream scenario happen – but we’ve identified eight different methods that you can use to make money from games, and we’ve got tips on each one coming up so that you can determine what’s the best option for you.

We are Ask Gamedev, and this is How to Make Money in Game Development!

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  1. What do you think is the best way to make money from games? Let your fellow subscribers know your thoughts in the comments! Thanks for watching!

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  4. 1: Talk about making video games and how to make money from games. The millions of wannabe developers will watch and think it's possible for them too and buy your one bad game you put out.
    2: Profit.

  5. Choose your audience find what people like about the games in that area be distinct but familiar and have fun gameplay with a easy to use user interface and profit

  6. But can’t i just make money when people are downloading the game or do I have to make adds or something Like this?

  7. I don't know how successful this method will be, but I am following Minecraft's model of selling a license (account) to use the game and then letting the game be downloaded for free.

  8. To be honest me and my friend want to try to make games from scratch for making money. OF course we might need another job to keep our work going until release. By the way im making a free game just like example the famous game warframe (reffered game for making money) and create my own team. Though it was only 3 people including me. And i rather want to open my company myself rather than working with other people because we have our lives to do our own, supporting with own own families. It is different than working at your current county because most people at eurpose or usa or other countries have their own individual. Any suggestion for making a free games with long term income, especially for making an in-game purchases?? I'm serious asking.

  9. Sorry but the answer is Simple, you can’t. You don’t, you won’t. Players want a game without p2w p2p stuff so can’t make money from there and also players will probably not want to buy some clothing or customization due to just grinding using in game currency and they hate micro transactions and all stuff so it’s either respect the players and get no money or don’t respect the players and get the minimal amount of money. But whatever respect is worth more than money

  10. I don't make games to make a fortune. I just want to create my own art, without any need to cut out some parts and change some others just to make it sellable and being a bitch of publishers and investors. I just want people to enjoy and have fun, I want to express myself, I want to experiment …

  11. Well I can think of a 9th Method to make money from Game Development:

    Bigger Gaming Companies can sell exclusive rights to other Companies to make new Products such as Plushies and Figurines based on their IPs.
    Of course this is quite unlikely to be profitable for small studios.
    However those can still charge extra for digital goods that were produced for the Game anyway, like Soundtracks or pieces of Art (Avatars and Themes on Consoles or a digital artbook on PC).

  12. 2:40 he get the montiz methods wrong there Free To Play (fortnite)where its free but has payed content Premium (witcher)this is the one they got right Freemuim(PUBG) mix of the two

  13. I would have liked to see in-depth videos about each type of monetization avenue. E.g. A video dedicated to the freemium model and how to execute it. Most people in the game dev business already are aware of most of the information covered in this video and there are enough other videos out there that cover this material

  14. should i start looking for testers for my game to test the projects to search for bugs and for faster development?

  15. i work hard for this game and i don't have money to promote it, plz guys give it a check. i realy appreciate it :


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