How To Change Your Xbox Gamertag FOR FREE | Brand New Gamertag Update!


With the recent Xbox Gamertag update, you can now change your online gaming title for absolutely free! Check out this video on how to get a brand new name for Xbox Live.

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  1. Wait so if I changed my name now and it hasn’t been taken will it not have a fricking annoying number after it?

    Also why can’t we just hide the numbers like discord?

  2. I was able to change mine for free just now. I've already used my free name change tho. Nothing about a price popped up. Could i still be charged, even without a price being shown? Only payment option i have is an empty gift card.

  3. Alot more things to dump my money on rather pay $10 just to change a gamertag $10per name?!??! Like i could buy a good pizza thats under $5 like dont they think its a little bit expensive just to change username?

  4. My unwise daughter changed her gamer tag to her REAL NAME. In the interest of internet safety how do I revert it back or change it to something else WITHOUT PAYING?

  5. i just asked randoms to report my gamertag….then Xbox made me change it for free a few weeks later. this was in the 360 days though

  6. My new gamertag is changed everywhere except on GTA 5 that still has my old gamertag.. anyone know how to fix this??

  7. Encouraging people to copy names lmao. If you have a # you are the biggest fraud period. Currently removing all # unoriginal people on my list. xD What a horrible system. They did this in the name of inclusion, xbox is soft as hell.

  8. How i play my COD WARZONE, that dont connect by 6 months, its Midia digital,and all my others games work fine. Why Activision dont FIX the game.

  9. I thought MLP stood for Major League PLAYER but nope it stand for My Little Pony🙃 so my gamertag has been MLP Shawn


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