How To CHANGE Your PSN ID (GAMERTAG) 2019 How To Change Your PS4 Gamertag *FULL TUTORIAL* FREE


In this video I show you guys How To CHANGE Your PSN ID (GAMERTAG) 2019 How To Change Your PS4 Gamertag *FULL TUTORIAL* FREE

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  1. I really want to change my online id so it feels fresh on gaming lol but am worried in case I lose my online progress on gtav online such as my money rank weapons businesses etc. Please answer back on your thoughts. People know who play GTAV there tank as been fine and money etc

  2. I had to create a new PS4 profile because they didn't let me change mine from PS3. FINALLY they let us change. But I won't buy a PS5 anyway. The censorships are killing it. PC and Switch, wait for me!

  3. My account is not the family manager account, so when I try to follow the steps, it says, “This feature is unavailable for children.” Can someone plz help so that I can change my username


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