How to Change The Perspective of ANYTHING In Photoshop – Perspective Warp Guide


In this Photoshop CC tutorial, you will learn how to change the perspective of anything using Perspective Warp.

📘 INDEX – Perspective Warp Tool Guide

00:41 – Perspective Warp Tool Guide
07:21 – Change the Perspective of Half a Photo
09:04 – Change the Perspective of a Building
11:01 – Change the Perspective of a Truck
13:31 – Perspective Warp and Compositing

Perspective Compositing Tutorial

Perspective Bending Effect

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  1. Perspective Compositing Tutorial ►
    Perspective Bending Effect ►

  2. Somebody asked me to change the direction of a fishing cradle not so long ago in a photo they presented me, with your easy to follow tutorial on Prospective Warp (which I didn't know I had in PS) I was able to complete his edit. Your guide also on horizon points was very interesting as well. Thank you Jesús.

  3. Thanks so much for such an important topic, great and simple explanation makes it even better. One comment thought, the Perspective Warp tool was gray and I couldn't click on it. So, in that case you have to go to Edit —> Preferences – –> Performance —> check the box near "Use Graphic Processor. and click the Advanced Settings —–> check the box "Use Graphics Processor to Accelerate Computation". Worked for me!

  4. Can it be used for laying tiles on the floor and put wallpaper on the walls from top view of the room?

  5. This is incredibly usefull tut just for my current project! I use to think I know everything in PS… but not this, as I see now. So thank you so much, I did learn much from You, Jesus! TY!

  6. Excellent tutorial! Very well done & easy to understand. Exactly what I was looking for. Keep up the great work!

  7. Using a horizon grid layer is one of those things that makes you feel like: "I would've never thought of that and yet it seems like the obvious thing to do". Thanks!

  8. Fantastic! Just what I was looking for! Never even played around with photoshop enough to realize this tool in the menu! Thanks a bunch!

  9. Love your tutorials, Jesus! I was watching this to see if I can use it on a human face. A friend wants me to put her face on a fantasy figure, but the perspective doesn't match. I hope I can use this to turn her face sideways a bit more! We'll see.

  10. Sorry to say it was click bait. It won't work (yet) on ANYTHING. Try this. Take a photo of a tire or doughnut laying flat on the ground, below you. Now warp it to make it appear that you took the picture from ground level. It can't be done with this tool. The perspective must have a line, and only a line, to do the warping from a one-dimensional (linear) meeting of two planes. If you have an object where there is a curved surface, this tool is nearly useless except for very minor warping.

    Examples: coffee mug, teapot, shoes, water bottle, a purse, a seagull, a ship, a plane, a lamp, a lightbulb, a roll of tape, a stapler, a baseball, a person, a face. Is that a long enough list to get a response and a thumbs up? It's nice to just get someone else to merely say that this tool has a HUGE caveat. You can't just switch to a circle or ellipse mode and do this. Maybe this is some specialized filter or supercomputer thing, or each case has to be entered into a vector graphics engine. But PS doesn't do it.

  11. Hi thanks for making this video, it really useful, I have a problem Perspective wrap its showing in my Photoshop but not active, how to active it, please help me

  12. PerspectiveWRAP is under Gray Text i mean it is disabled And when i Click it It does nothing ..
    by the Way Iam using Photoshop cc 2014 version
    it have the option but it is not working for me

  13. Hello Jesus Ramirez! In regard to this video, concerning that box you warped last. You said the top cannot be seen as seen from that perspective. But the immediate thought that came to me was, what that object was in a falling or landing position coming from a higher level in such a way that it`s falling as it turns around. Wouldn`t the top be seen at some moments on it`s way to the ground??

  14. At 12:20, how did you recreate the street and the trees in the background that was hidden BEHIND the truck in the photo???
    That information can't be there!
    Edit: nevermind, I didn't watch you explain it was a composite image. Later i saw the shadows and lighting were kind of funky too.

  15. Thanks for your clear tutorial.. I've just used it as a bit of fun to put a Ferrari on my friends drive with his private number plate photoshopped onto the car.


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