Hot Wheels AcceleRacers Booster Packs Case Unboxing Video By RaceGrooves


I have since obtained the last card that I needed – Thanks!
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About ten years ago, it was a challenge to collect all 246 Hot Wheels Collectible Cards. Apparently, we didn’t so here’s a booster card case unboxing video! I was successful in obtaining all of the Hot Wheels AcceleRacers cars. Here they are in a fun downhill racing competition!

DHR AcceleRacers! All 36 Cars!

Here’s my AcceleRacers Playlist

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While I did get many holofoil rare cards in this unboxing video, I was not successful in getting #6 Flathead Fury. If you have this card available, please contact me.

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  1. Is anyone interested in watching more Acceleracers pack openings or a playthrough of the actual game? I’ve got a ton of these cards new, I’m curious if anyone would watch people play this game if I recorded it.

  2. Rip buckaroo Flathead Fury is a three pack exclusive!!!!!! You could’ve only gotten it outta actual cars!!!!

  3. i like the concept of the card game but the game is imbalanced, as far as i know there's is no limit to same cards, or even just filling your deck(whatever the deck limit is) with cars with high numbers and team bonus, excelechargers, and hazards for your opponent, theirs no advantage to filling your deck with anything else and therefore your opponent doesn't have an even shot against you unless they play the same way which means it makes hazards bricks.
    poorly designed card game and a cash grab but cool card design and concept.
    in other words its imbalenced because you can play multiple cards that will basically guarantee the win because you can run as many hazards as you want in your deck(i looked it up, you can't have more then 1 car each or 1 exelachargers of each.) making it completely useless to play mods and shift cards(maybe i'm missing something).
    also you can make your deck as small as you wan't, as long as you can draw you wont lose. meaning the smaller the deck the more likely i'm able to draw what i want(and with my deck formula i will always draw what i want)

  4. I am trying to find a version of the starter deck so I can play the card game with my brother but it is virtually impossible to find one for a down to earth price
    So far I've found three all European imports all $60+

  5. I have a good amount of these cards. I wonder if they’re worth something. Would sell them in the future to help with moving expenses.

  6. Hey. Who do you buy these cards from? Let me know cause you are getting me inspired to start my own collection.

  7. I don't know why but I got Flathead out of a pack of three that came with technitium. Usyally the packs of three that come with a specific car jave the card for that very car, but not this time

  8. I still have alot of these cards. I think I have all the accelecharger cards, too, but I mostly love the car art. My brother and I tried to play this game but we were failures at the time….and I still have two WAL ⭐MART bags from 2001 😎

  9. Wizards of the Coast should team up with Mattel to bring back some sort of TCG. I would play this game if they re released it or created a new game.

  10. So I only need 6 more cards for my collection but I can't find them anywhere. Do you know places I could look for them?

  11. Dude I cannot believe you opened RD-08, like that's such a rare car that can go for $90 on eBay! I paid $40 for mine new >.<


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