Hair Hacks Every Broke Girl Should Know


♥♥ back to school life hacks you’ve NEVER seen ♥♥

Check out my Fall 2015 Curly Hair Tutorial (for dryness)

What are your broke girl hacks? They don’t have to be about hair.. 😀

here are the KEY DIY’s and mini tutorials you need to have perfect hair on a budget (perfect for back to school 2015!!). If you want to see more hairstyles, braids, makeup hacks ect.. let me know in the comments below *.*

How to straighten your hair perfectly without heat (tutorial for curly / wavy hair)

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  1. Im just wondering, why doesnt she do the cgm because she clearly has like very wavy and curly hair? No hate i love this channel!

  2. I have 0 hair volume, no curling iron, and really fine, slippery hair, so this is a serious upgrade. Tysm! ❤️

  3. My mum: what are you doing with my cornstarch?
    Me: oh nothing I'm just putting it on my head
    My mum: confusion

  4. My favorite hack was when Alexandra gets a spray bottle with water and uses it on her curly hair to remove frizz

  5. Just tried the spinning hair and trimming flyaways for split ends. I cannot believe so smooth and fresh my hair feels!!

  6. I have too much hair fall .plz help me use something cheaper or home used products.i have puffy and frizzy hair just like you show In this video .dry hair also plz help me out.

  7. Wow, you look so beautiful at 1:33, even more so than the rest of the video. I know that sounds like a backhanded compliment but I really don’t mean it to be.


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