GTA San Andreas on the LOWEST GRAPHICS Possible. Playing GTA San Andreas on the Nintendo 64, this is insane! GTA San Andreas Nintendo 64.

GTA 3 on the Nintendo 64:

GTA San Andreas Lowest Graphics Mod:

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GTA San Andreas on the lowest graphics possible! How can we even do that? Today we take a look at GTA San Andreas on the Nintendo 64. Not literally but we crank the settings in GTA San Andreas to the lowest graphics and imagine what GTA San Andreas on the Nintendo 64 would look like. This video is a sequel to playing GTA 3 with Nintendo 64 graphics!

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22 thoughts on “GTA San Andreas with Nintendo 64 Graphics (GTA SA Lowest Graphics)

  1. All you did was reduce the textures to half
    You didnt even remove the trees
    The grass
    Lower the render distance
    Lower the polygons for cars and npcs

    And the hud is still hd

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