Grown Men Playing w/ Legos – 10 Minute Power Hour


It’s time for the boys to play with Legos!
What should we do next?! Tell us what you want to see down in the comments!

Music from Stevia Sphere

Dir/shot/edited by Tucker ►

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  1. I had to come back and do some googling because of the rising sun mug.

    It started in 1870 and was discontinued after ww2 and then it got the fascist stigma cause it disappeared after 1945.

    Idk what all the emperors did before 1945.. but I just know that this was the best reason I could think of an to why people thought that mug was bad.

  2. This went from
    ‘Wow your so slow at Building, I’m totally gonna finish before you’
    ‘No! My Lego set is better than yours, your stupid and guess what my character’s better than yours’

  3. Arin: "So the object of this is simple. We are going to be building the two star ships, on our own. and whoever can beat the other one the fastest by putting together the star ship wins."
    (5 minutes 20 seconds later)
    Dan: "What the fuck are we doing this for?" 🤣

  4. Now they should do the Super mario lego sets and play them afterwards,
    it'll be painful seeing them miss build the sets but worth it.


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