Game of Thrones & Mario Kart With Special Guest Jacob Anderson – Guest Grumps


Guest Grumps is back with our good friend, Jacob Anderson aka Raleigh Ritchie and Greyworm on Game of Thrones!

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Check out his music here!

Catch Game of Thrones tonight on HBO at 9 pm EST (8 pm CST)

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  1. Can we get Jacob back on the show sometime??? I just.. I still listen to these during long work days and they're so good. SO GOOD!!! So silly.

  2. I spent the entire mario kart part looking at Jacob's screen and could clearly see ever shitty horrible thing that happened that made him that angry.

  3. So many years later, this is still a return-to thing for me. I am so happy I was introduced to Jacob's music and, I mean, come on.. he is really funny.

  4. Every time they use Jacob's name, I keep pretending they're talking to me and I'm the special guest.


  5. Most people know him for his role in game of thrones, I know him for his music. Time in a tree is one of the best songs I've ever heard, he has a great voice.

  6. everytime they upload a new guest grumps i find myself coming back to rewatch jacob’s right after the new one

  7. “Eeny meeny miny moe… Black people am I right?” I still think of that every time someone starts singing that song.

  8. Game Grumps needs to have some kind of "award" called "Honorary Grump", where the lovelies get to vote on which of the guests so far get to have that award/title. Sort of like a hall of fame kind of thing, idk.

  9. Ok, so I'm from the US and I say "fuck off". I don't know if I learned it from a British person or not but I think it's just not a British thing 😂


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