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It’s time to be frog loose and froggy free! I’ve finally managed to sit down and made a video about Frogger the Great quest, on of the worst games from the ps2 era. Enjoy the madness

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  1. I didn't think this game was boring at all as a kid. I remember loving the side characters and the goblin and mosquito enemies. As an adult, I can recognize that it is an unpolished game, but I can't bring myself to dislike it. Too much nostalgia. It seems the only real complaints I can muster are ones that a kid wouldn't care about.

  2. I remember playing and quiting this game so many times as a kid because I would get stuck at the cat boat level. Hated it. Then one day my brother and I popped the game in determined to beat it and probably played it for two days straight and beat the whole thing. Loved the game that last play through, though probably more for the sibling bonding than the actual game play.

  3. I know this comment is late, but this review is pretty accurate. I couldn't get through the boat level and basically gave up after that as a child. Also, can I bother to ask what ost did you use? I'd appreciate it. <3

  4. Oh man, I remember beating this game when I was 10. My mom bought it for me at full price (paid like 60+$ for it I think) and the guy working at the games store, bless his heart, tried his best to discourage us from buying it 😛

  5. I guess this game is cursed since it was the last video ever made on the channel. I dunno this game doesn't sound or look like it would be the worst thing in the world. Mediocre yes but not awful. Granted I have never played it so I can't say for certain.

  6. The people that don’t like his game just didn’t play it as a kid and didn’t know good games when they see one

  7. Believe it or not, I actually kinda enjoyed this game when I was little! Although I was playing the PC version, which was probably not as bad as the PS2 version. Not only that, but I was a lot younger back when I first played it, so my attention span was a lot shorter, which is probably why I didn't really mind any of the things from the game that would most likely annoy or piss me off if I tried playing it again today!… My memory is a little rusty, but I think I eventually stopped playing at the level that had a boat filled with fancy mobster cats (yes you heard those words correctly), because I explored every last inch of that level I could possibly find, but I couldn't find anything on that level that would let me progress through the rest of the game, so on that level I was pretty much stuck, and I eventually just gave up. I don't think I've ever played that game again since… Usually whenever I start feeling nostalgic about my childhood games I would think about possibly looking back into this game, but if this game really was bad as you say it is, then perhaps it might be best to just leave it in the past and put it behind me.

  8. I still have a copy of Frogger the Great Quest and looking back on it the whole thing feels like wasted potential. I think if Konami actually tried to tell a good story it could have worked, like giving Frogger an expanding party of allies he meets across the levels that join him, add some story changing choices Telltale style and make the combat and risks for achiving the ending more worth it.
    I actually wrote a fanfiction that involved Frogger traveling across the kingdom to save his guardian and along the way he and some other characters team up. The twist is that the rescue soon evolves into an espionage story that has multiple endings regarding different decisions as well as more focus on Froggers character. It`s not perfect but writing that story was more fun than the actual game since everything in it had some sort of payoff.

    (A segment description from my story):

    At one point in the story, two of Froggers allies (an anthro jackal named Ramona and an anthro otter named James) get captured while searching an abandoned train station for supplies by a small band of goblins that are found in the original game, only these guys are more threatening, dangerous and intimidating.
    Frogger and his remaining allies (the two boys from the game at Bog Town Blair and Gavin- with Blair renamed Brad and the two boys now brothers- an anthro horse named Wade and an anthro cat named Samantha) track them to a small overrun town and put a current objective on hold to save the duo. At the town, Frogger has to make a choice as to who he will save when he notes that both Ramona and James are locked up in separate areas of the town and it appears both will be executed soon. After Gavin (who has already been a bit annoying prior) nearly gets the group exposed forcing Frogger to put the threat down in a QTE, he has him and his brother guard the groups transportation viechle (an old minivan with everyones own artistic style drawn on a piece of the car) while he and the other two go together after their pick.
    Either way, when Frogger and his partners reach Ramona/James and free them, they get spotted and partake in a stealth/fight plan to reach the other ally. If Frogger chose to go after Ramona first, James loses an eye and later wears an eyepatch for the rest of the story. If he went after James first, Ramona loses some fingers on her right hand (which is shown bandaged up later). After the group has everyone accounted for, they flee and later stop to have Ramona and James patched up (with Samantha having some medical training prior to the quest). Frogger is confronted by Ramona/James, who blames him for the injury. Frogger then has a choice as to how he responds (passive or aggressive). If he`s passive, the ally Frogger failed to choose will just storm off. If Frogger is aggressive, the non-chosen ally stabs Frogger in the hand and runs away, forcing the group to move on after Froggers hand is also patched up (and noted later in the story optionally).
    The group arrives near midnight at an abandoned plaza and decide to camp out before moving on in the morning to track Froggers father figure (with Frogger having the option to walk around, explore and talk to his allies regarding what happend previously) . If Ramona was saved, she persuades the group to spend the night sleeping on the first floor of an empty clothing store. If James was saved, he finds a boarded up ice cream shop that he opens by slipping through, giving the group shelter. As everyone has a late night meal, Frogger talks about his past a bit with the way he reacted to his non-chosen ally factoring in on the tone.
    Later, the story cuts to Brad as the playable character waking up and finding Gavin gone while the other three party members sleep. He finds his little brother at the car feeling guilty for being a burden while talking about the past and his insecurities regarding his place in the world. After the brothers have a heart-felt talk, they decide to scout the nearby forest for firewood since the group has none for the morning, making Gavin start to feel useful for once, due to previous QTE scenarios where he was helpless to fight back and had to rely on someone to help him.
    After they leave, several goblins arrive and wake up Frogger and his crew, with the frog noticing Ramona/James among the army (later revealed to be forced to join against their will before noting they could use this to be an inside man with the antagonist). The goblins storm the place and depending where the group slept, Frogger and his friends partake in an uninterrupted QTE segment (with the camera doing it all in one take and the playable character being passed from group member to group member) using various objects (like a mannequin display, a cash register, a piece of timber in Ramonas route/ an empty ice cream tube, a piece of glass, an old table in James route) before fleeing, only to witness their ride ruined (with Wade commenting on the damaged details that Frogger selected in an earlier decision section). As the goblins fire at them with guns and arrows, Frogger and his group reunite with Brad and Gavin and continue to flee, partaking in more QTE`s.
    The group would then have Wade separated from them due to a fire (forcing him to flee alone elsewhere) while the rest outrun the attackers. The story would then involve Frogger and his party talking about the fallout the next day along with the fact they have little supplies, searching several places in the woods until they find a covered up tunnel that provides cover from some stray goblin patrols. They would end up finding the castle from the original game at the end of the route, only to discover it’s a weapons factory for the enemy upon getting out of the sewer after some survival horror-esque scenes and getting lost (with Samantha and Ramona/James being the main characters in this segment). The chapter would end with Frogger spotting an enemy he saw kidnap his guardian prior and notice that said enemy is wearing his guardians jacket with some ominous bloodstains on it, making him unintentionally have his cover blown (along with Brad determinantly) while forcing his allies to retreat and come up with a plan to save him as he gets interrogated by the owner of the castle.

    -See? It`s easy to make this game better in the story department. I have more details to my story.

  9. There actually is a way to aim while using the ranged attack. You can toggle a first person mode, look around at all angles, and use the range attack.


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