Frogger (PS1) Gameplay


How can you mess up Frogger!

A reboot of the classic arcade game, Frogger on the PS1 attempted to recreate the magic of guiding a frog through traffic to reach his reptilian buddies on the other side of the river. Unfortunately the game suffers from wonky controls, blocky visuals (even for the PS1), a persistently annoying hopping noise, and confusing level design. If you hate seeing frogs meet an untimely death by at the mercy of traffic, bees, squirrels, and lava, you should avoid this game at all costs.

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  1. When i had a Atari i would play frogger and sometimes i would push foward so hard i would end up on a log then die ;-;

  2. I remember a good time with my father playing this game it only irritated me whenever he would get on top of me so i would get hit by bees at the last second. Shame its the only time we actually had a good time.

  3. ME and my sisters have games from the 19s we have frogger,crash bash,Midtown Madness3,and interActive

  4. Just found this game at a retro video game store cost 10 dollars couldnt resist now having hopping fun playing it on my ps2 probably the best PlayStation game better than the original arcade version they dont make them like this anymore

  5. Now when i get challenges in fortnite or other games I go straight to the internet to look them up. Makes me wonder how I had the patients as a 5 year old to sit there and play frogger for hours with my sister with no internet helping us. Amazing game, wish I could go back and relive those moments

  6. I watched mother of my rich friend neghbour play this all day on ps1 while i was playing battletoads on fake sega (nes) with yellow cartridges.
    I was dreaming of later levels being in 3d and if I could se the frog from behind jumping and fighting.
    The wierd part is I never made it to level 12, but when I saw it , it had this wierd and brutally designed pillar that resembled 3d space.
    What the fk. And my friend would play fifa afterwards , while i desperately wanted to play Jedi Power battles with yellow character I dreamed of 😀


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