Exploring Alaska – STEEP: New Alaska DLC


Breaking New Records In Alaska – STEEP: New Alaska DLC

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  1. the mountain is called denali and it has big flat steep places because that mountain has avlauntches all the time sorry if I spelled wrong

  2. Jesus Christ when Hike was at the peak of Denali I got some slight attitude sickness from a video game.

  3. Those new Jacket's Look like Kaori Nishadake Jackets Kaori wears in SSX from 2000 SSX Tricky and SSX3 Approved 👍🏻 even tho this vid is a few months or a year old.

  4. the trick to the mogle's in real life is to let your legs take the shock but your center of mass stay's straight so you continue to accelerate

  5. There was a 5gb update today hopefully it's the winter fest update I'm waiting for it to download rn before I check it out

  6. Go to town for free style or even the wood cutting plane to the left and up from the town they have a thing u can use as a ski jump


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