​​​Watch our product feature video for a Electronic Battleship Difference Between 77 and 82.

If you are trying to determine which game board you have because your box is missing, here is a handy guide up to the 1989 version

1977 and 1979 (non talking)

1. The lettering near the on/off and the load/go switches is white
2. The battery section requires 2 – 9 volt batteries
3. There is no code book
4. Red plastic window is darker and the bulb is out of view

1982 (non talking)

1. The lettering near the on/off and the load/go switches is NOT white
2. The battery section requires 4 – AA batteries
3. There was an orange code book
4. Red plastic window is textured (on the back) and you can see the light bulb

1989 (talking battleship)

1. This has a different game board – layout and black code book.
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21 thoughts on “Electronic Battleship Difference Between 77 and 82 – How to Program a 1977 Battleship Version

  1. I remember the commercial of this game and I had the original battleship game from the 80’s I wanted to get electronic battleship but wasn’t able to until the early 90’s and by then it had been changed to electronic talking battleship and I still have it and it’s in great condition.

  2. according to the box i found a 1989 battle ship ( yellow buttons etc) yet for some reason the commans dont seem to be receuvedand i have to press the bttons multiple times. is there any way to clean the comp board or repair this?

  3. The sound coming off the 1977 when powered up is the exact same sound that they used in the 1982 Blade Runner movie for the machine that Decker uses to scan the photograph and zoom in on it.

  4. I still have mine in mint condition ! Half year ago I was looking at the attic of my parents. There it was in a taped plastic bag. Still works after 35 years.

  5. There Are Some Differences On The Board Between The 1977 And 1979 Versions.

    Has Higher Pitched Beeping
    Has Faster Loading
    Has A Cheepo Explosion

    Has Lower Pitched Beeping
    Has Slightly Slower Loading
    Has A Very Different Explosion

  6. Cool, Just picked up a version of battle ship. and I now know I have the 1977 79 plus also how to set it up. Thanks

  7. I bought a 76-77 ver, second hand one and good nick from Trademe in 2011 for $52. Finally got it going without any issues. Brings back loads of memories when I used to play it and I was born in '78. Best version of any Battleship game ever (76-77) 🙂

  8. Awesome video. Just one correction: The 1977 version vs 1979: Change in sonar sound (higher pitch on 77), notch in white switches not present in 77, hit sound very different for 77.

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