Easy Gift Project: Homemade Board Games – 225



More info in the build article here:

The board game I made is called Aggravation (sometimes called Wahoo). I have no clue how to play it but I’m sure a quick Google search could change that.

What I used in the video:
– marble router bit or drill bit
– marbles
– bluetooth adapter
– Dewalt planer
– Dewalt sander
– miter saw
– mp3 earmuffs
– scraper – BAHCO
– table saw
– wood glue
– Festool Domino
– forstner bit
– Milwaukee plunge router


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Dewalt sander –
Dewalt countersink –
Dewalt trim router –
Dovetail gauge –
Eclipse quick release vise –
Engineer square –
Festool Domino –
Forstner bit –
Glu-Bot glue bottle –
Gyokucho 372 japanese pull saw –
Irwin Marples 10″ blade –
Kreg K4 –
Kreg DB210 pocket hole machine –
Kreg Mini –
Marble router bit or drill bit –
Megapro NAS Driver –
Milwaukee plunge router –
Mp3 earmuffs –
Narex marking knife –
Ridgid miter saw –
Router Lift Router –
Rustic pine Briwax –
Ryobi 18v brad nailer –
SawStop titanium series blade –
Scraper BAHCO –
12″ speed square –
Spiral router bits –
T-bevel (bevel gauge) –
Table top hold down clips –
Tudor brown briwax –
Wax brush wheel for drill –
Wood glue –
Woodriver #4-1/2 –
Woodriver #62 –

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  1. hey! what kind of bit was it that you used? The link you put doesn’t seem to be working for me. thanks so much 🙂

  2. Can you make me one with only 4 marbles each instead of 5 lol my family plays game like this but each player has 4 marbles and I really want one

  3. Fun game, nice work. If you had made the board into a box you could put drawers in each edge of the box to hold the marbles.

  4. My stepdad makes these not as nice but the same:) I wish I could get him to watch YouTube so he could learn new techniques.

  5. Very nice! You were talking about drills; decades ago I made a Chinese checkers board for my family using a drill press and a rounded bit. I didn't even make a template, just marked the spots with a pencil. It came out beautifully, and my kids and husband and I played on it for years.

    I like the idea of the beveled edge.

  6. Do you have a template for the layout for the holes? I would love to try to build a few of these. Thank you.

  7. Wish I had seen this BEFORE I spent all that time figuring it out on my own. Something I added to mine was a small contrasting wood frame, approximately 2" x 3/8", which served two purposes: 1) provided a small lip around the playing surface to contain any loose marbles, and 2) allowed me to add a french cleat to the back…which served two purposes: 1) allows it to be hung on the wall for easy storage, and 2) provided a space for a hook in the back, where I hung a small pouch containing the marbles and dice. Keep up the good work, Jay, and thanks for all you do. Love your videos!

  8. Jay, What do you do with your Jay clones when you are done with your projects? lol Cool game board by the way.

  9. Thank you for showing you are in fact human and not some demi-god of immaculate wood working 😀 I make far more mistakes than I do pieces. .. …

    Great idea, the result looks fantastic.

  10. Another great vid Jay. We like board games when on holiday/vacation, so it's one I'll certainly try.
    I didn't know you could get bits specifically for cutting marble holes. Will look for one in the UK but will probably have to get one shipped over.

  11. Another great vid Jay. We like board games when on holiday/vacation, so it's one I'll certainly try.
    I didn't know you could get bits specifically for cutting marble holes. Will look for one in the UK but will probably have to get one shipped over.

  12. This is entertaining…not sure I learned much about making a board game, but thats not important…Well done…
    You have a new subscriber.

  13. Awesome build and nice edit! I like your double in the shop. ^^
    I have to make some boardgames too, very cool gift idea!
    Thanks for sharing Jay!

  14. I made some WhaHoo boards last Christmas and pretty much used the same method that you just used. I made my own template fro 1/4" plywood and made mine for a 6-person game board, which required a 24" by 24" board. I used a discarded oak table leaf that I cut up and rearranged to get a 24'x24" work piece, then glued it all up… You are right, after the template is made, making these boards goes pretty fast. I do like your bevels that you cut on your boards. I used some scrap walnut to frame my boards with a slight lip above the board to help catch any stray marbles and keep them from rolling off of the board and falling onto the floor. I didnt use double sided tape to hold my template. I just used a spring clamp at each corner and laid my game board on some bench cookies. Those held very stable… I may try your bevel cuts on my next board, though.. Great project!!!

  15. Jay, great project! I have the same router, what guide busing did you get for this router i know it's not universal size. Did you have to buy any additional base for the router? Thanks and awesome work as always.

  16. Very clear and informative video as usual Jay, but Jay 2 watching Jay 1 making the mess stole the show, BRILLIANT…………

  17. Hahaha. Sweeping Jay pissed off at working Jay for making more messes was hilarious. I had to re-watch that part. Your editing has come such a long way. Now it is true artistry!! What a sense of humor.

  18. Forget woodworking, I want a video on your cloning process. If I could have another me, I could get a lot more done.


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