Disney's Tarzan (PS1) 100% Walkthrough – Part 8 – Level 7: The Baboon Chase (Hard)


Disney’s Tarzan (PS1) 100% Walkthrough – Part 8 – Level 7: The Baboon Chase (Hard)

TARZAN Words: 6/6
Monkey Sketch Picture: 4/4
Tokens: 152/152

Disney’s Tarzan (also known as Tarzan Action Game) is an action platformer developed by Eurocom and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation console in 1999. Konami published the game for its Japanese release. It was also released on the PC and Game Boy Color in 1999, and Nintendo 64 in 2000. The player takes control of the eponymous Tarzan who ultimately has to save his home, the jungle, from Clayton, a hunter for gorillas. Tarzan starts up as a child learning the skills of the apes. The game has 3 difficulties: easy, medium and hard. In the easy and medium difficulties, little Tarzan gets tips from his friend Terk. Tarzan’s enemies are monkeys, baboons, eagles, and different animals such as snakes and bushpigs, and some humans and Clayton.

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