Disney's Tarzan (PS1) 100% Walkthrough – Part 14 – Level 13: Conflict with Clayton (FINAL) (Hard)


Disney’s Tarzan (PS1) 100% Walkthrough – Part 14 – Level 13: Conflict with Clayton (FINAL) (Hard)

TARZAN Words: 6/6

Disney’s Tarzan (also known as Tarzan Action Game) is an action platformer developed by Eurocom and published by Sony Computer Entertainment for the PlayStation console in 1999. Konami published the game for its Japanese release. It was also released on the PC and Game Boy Color in 1999, and Nintendo 64 in 2000. The player takes control of the eponymous Tarzan who ultimately has to save his home, the jungle, from Clayton, a hunter for gorillas. Tarzan starts up as a child learning the skills of the apes. The game has 3 difficulties: easy, medium and hard. In the easy and medium difficulties, little Tarzan gets tips from his friend Terk. Tarzan’s enemies are monkeys, baboons, eagles, and different animals such as snakes and bushpigs, and some humans and Clayton.

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  1. Well done your by defeated hunter Clayton was made available today to come see Disney’s Tarzan (Nintendo 64 and PlayStation Ps1 in 1999) games they have released their first season of their roles he said quest just wanted to make sure Confeligt with Clayton very good music 🎵 deep in the jungle.

  2. esto lo juegue cuando tenía 8 años y para mi era muy difícil y nunca lo pasé espero jugar esta jolla denuevo

  3. Tarzan and his friends to stop him as gorillas very animals do thing just want by beast choose like in become people in the jungle best trash so was throws shoot by Kerchak need more an evil main villain if shadow up tree everthing finally is over defeated by Clayton never a forever used a hero Tarzan of the lord ape man.

  4. How hard is it to press right on the left analog stick while sometimes jumping to avoid animals and collect letters?

  5. Clayton: "2:07–2:11.".
    Me: "A matter of time for what???…".

    (**I die at a time like 3:25, for example.**.).

    Me: "I guess that's what he meant by that…".

  6. Thank you! I literally used to play this game soo much when I was younger and was NEVER able to beat this level. Now I know, duck when he shoots & jump when he throws the knife.


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