A quite simple Pong-like game. This part we will be creating the update functions. These functions take care of the movement of the paddles and the ball, and the collisions tests.

I will be putting this video in my Coding Games playlist. I’m going to be programming a bunch of classic, fun arcade games like Snake, Minesweeper, Meteor Rush, Tic Tac Toe…etc. A lot of game development in the Java programming language for sure. I will be using the Eclipse IDE most of the time. These are coding for beginners tutorials. However, all coders are welcome! I post more in-depth explanations on my website if the video is not clear.

Commented code is open-source and available on my coding website linked below. Follow me on all social media platforms while you’re at it!

Thank you for watching!


Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any suggestions or advice!

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4 thoughts on “Coding a Simple Pong Game in Java with Eclipse Part 3

  1. can you help me, the ball in my pong game move freaking fast, like the flash =))). I don't know where i was wrong

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