Missed out on the PAX 2019 panel? We got you!

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40 thoughts on “CLICK PLAYS FAMILY FEUD | PAX PANEL 2019

  1. I was literally screaming bondi beach because as well as loving click I’m IN LOVE with bondi rescue 😂 but I don’t even live in Australia 😂

  2. For the autograph one i was thinking forehead the entire time and then fresh says forehead thank baby jesus

  3. I was having difficulties to breath when Lannan looked at the phone and told
    "everything if u have Parkinson's"

  4. 'poster' and 'picture' are stuffed up, but 'ticket' and 'program' as well as 'meat pie' and 'Kevin's mum' are the same?
    Y'all are fucking weird xD

  5. Kevin: how fresh relates to you guys because it’s team famdom
    Lannan on stage : he is adopted uhhhh…..
    Lannan now : he’s my son

  6. "What if we 500IQed it by getting the next three wrong and they get only one chance so they lost anyway"
    Bro Elliot is so brilliant

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