Cities: Skylines | Power, Politics, & Planning: Episode 1: Parking


Franklin is taking too long to get to the juicy bits. I’m starting a series of short(er) videos to tackle urban issues, in the framework of Cities: Skylines. I hope this will help y’all build better and more realistic cities, but more importantly I hope it will get you thinking about politics and urban planning in your own area.

All politics is local; get involved today!

Recommended reading: The High Cost of Free Parking, by Donald Shoup.

The intro music is Tragic Overture, Op. 81, by Johannes Brahms. It is the version by the Musopen Symphony, and is in the public domain. You can find the recording here:

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  1. Fuck you, dude. Showing examples of parking lot dystopia, and you're NOT gonna show Buffalo, NY!? SMDH, we might have a shitty football team, and an even worse hockey team, but at least we have a vast amount of crumbling parking lots.

  2. I just assume every building in Cities has a massive underground garage, and paying for that is how all my businesses tank so fast when anything goes wrong.

  3. We tried to build some dense residential right along the rail in New Haven and the response by city council was "everybody knows that nobody would want to live that close to a noisy train" which was truly an astounding revelation.

    And here in Worcester even the prospect of not parking in a dedicated lot in the front of your destination is inconceivable.

  4. 1.5 parking spots per bedroom is insane! Let's say you have a block with 24 houses on it, eight 2 beds, eight 3 beds, and eight 4 beds. You would need 108 parking spaces to meet the requirement, or 4.5 per house!!!

    I dont support parking minimums, but I think the most you could realistically require is one spot for every unit with 2 or less bedrooms and 2 spots for every unit with 3 or more bedrooms, in an area with no garages, or 40 on my imaginary block (1.667 per house).

  5. Parking minimums are necessary though. Coming from a city that isn't well-planned and doesn't have decent public transport options, the lack of parking just means you'll mostly just stay far away from your intended destination and walk the last bit, because it's still a shorter walk and more reliable than the public transport. A supermarket without parking minimum transforms the neighborhood around it into a gridlock (Experienced it myself).

    The heart of the issue here seems that cities think "minimum" is the same as "the maximum occupancy you'd consider when considering emergency exits in your building", which would be about 4 times the actual "busy" occupancy.

  6. Parking minimum exists in Europe too. In Prague there is a 1.5 parking lot per apartment policy. Housing gets a lot more expensive cause houses need to have multiple underground parking floors.

  7. I see two solutions to the parking lot dilemma:

    1. Encourage the construction and usage of multistory parking garages, possibly by imposing a tax on the amount of square feet of land being used for parking purposes.

    2. Encourage more people to use mass transit, cutting down on the need for parking lots. (However, parking garages might still be needed in case outsiders need a place to park their cars before using the mass transit system.)

  8. I watch this video, as I sit in a completely empty parking lot between a dead mall, a dying shopping center, and a bunch of dead or dying commercial stores. All of this is built on an old slag dump.
    Meanwhile, the city I live in is slowly leaking money as there is no sustainable income due to it being an ex mill town, and people are too poor due to there not being decent wages for the service jobs here. The result is a looping series of problems inherent from the lack of affordable housing, not enough middleclass, well paying work, and bad investments into low paying, low skilled work.

    Tl:dr my city is being drained due to high costs of living, low wages, and these parking lots are so big that they have micro climates… but none of them are ever used, sans the occasional pedestrian.

  9. It does make me miss Japan where almost every place(Urban,Suburban, and even Rural) is linked to public transit and parking is relatively limited. The big problem is that most Americans(myself included) live in Suburbs that have no transit, mostly for political and social reasons. I personally would love to live in a city, but I will get beat up, and harassed for being a Trump supporter. It is a shame I have to go to Japan to experience good Urbanism without fear, because I can't in my own country.

  10. So I'm watching this studious presentation of lot planning for about three minutes and I'm like "ok, this is pretty interesting."

    And then the guy starts talking about lunch breaks and I'm completely blindsided by utter hilarity. Oh my god, friend, you made me laugh so much 🤣

  11. Mopeds are praxis. In our future communist America everyone will have electric or 2 stroke mopeds and it will be glorious.

  12. We have the opposite problem in the UK – there's never enough parking spaces for an office or business. We don't have parking minimum regulations, and we have shitty public transport that takes 2-4x as long as hauling that hunk of metal, so, massive source of stress. The exception being London, where the public transport system is so good, and so comprehensive that I have friends there who don't own cars & only bother to hire one when they're going on vacation outside of the city. Here in Birmingham, you drive or you're late, mostly.

  13. After watching this I was curious about my city's parking minimums so I ducked "parking minimum requirements san francisco" and found a few articles from December 2018 about how our Board of Supervisors* had just voted to eliminate them.
    This one has the broadest focus, talking about several cities that have recently done likewise:
    * San Francisco is a City and County, so our County Board of Supervisors is the same as a City Council.

  14. The bit where you talk about sad trees and an annoying boss sounds a lot like "fitter happier" by radiohead when listened in x1.25 speed. Great video!

  15. Where I'm from, most business, residential, and shopping mall buildings have their parking stacked below (in the basement) or on top of the building, which really helps with the amount of land space required. I don't see this being done in the west much.

  16. Can you please list what mods you are using? I have no idea how you placed so many buildings that weren't alongside a road, or how you got the blacktop pavement and separate parking line paint, or how you copy/pasted those benches and rotated them so easily. Also curious what assets have all those row houses around the 5 minute mark?

  17. Excuse me, how did you get this lot built? You claim to have two hundred forty-four parking stalls. By ADA 2010 Section 208.2 Table 208.2, you should have a minimum of seven accessible parking spaces, and by Subsection 208.2.4, two of these must be van accessible parking spaces. Your design as-built appears to contain three accessible parking spaces, two of which is van accessible. Please submit a plan for a compliant restriping, stamped by a state certified CE or PE for permit within the next thirty days. Now excuse me while I go fire whoever didn't red tag this.

  18. Living in LA, when he mentioned parking minimums I thought it was a good idea. I’m a hard leftie, but parking is so difficult here when I try to go shopping that I was hesitant to agree with his position. I was wondering if he knew. And then 12:04 happened….This guy gets it. If I could, I would give him a big kiss on the forehead for being so damn right lol.

  19. Wow. Just wow. For the longest time now I've just been getting the most uninteresting YouTubers to watch. This was fabulous. Never stop with your witty and educational content.

  20. Had to look mine up, Orlando, as we have no seas of asphalt in downtown.

    Actually lets developers pay subsidies instead. We really don't have the space with all the lakes anyways. Downtown definitely is more vibrant as a result.

  21. I love the absurdity of just being like "yeah I'm going to criticize capitalism and malicious city planning by doing weird shit in a video game" and IT WORKS

    You're my new favorite Youtuber


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