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The Cheetahmen is a video game series created by Active Enterprises featuring three anthropomorphic cheetahs. It was introduced in 1991, as part of the Action 52 multi-game cartridge for the NES. Full of glitches and broken levels, Cheetahmen was sure to make you ask, why am I playing this game? This is Angry Video Game Nerd Episode 91


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  1. Why the fuck do you need to add those "check out other videos" graphics at the end!? I can't even see all the credits!

  2. It's weird how lack of effort and low demand for these games, which means they didn't make very many, translate to insane value down the road. The factors we normally use to give something value are non-existent, or a$$ backwards when it comes to stuff like this, lol

  3. 1:24 is when you’re hoping that the next month after the last shitty month in 2020 might actually be good and then it’s just more shit

  4. anyone notice that the levels in Cheetahmen loop? The are beyond the point where the level just stopped was the beginning of the stage again.

  5. To be fair… Cheetahmen 2 was probably an unfinished prototype. They probably dropped it to make Action52 on the Genesis.

  6. Anyone notices that the Genesis Cheetahmen music sounds a lot like Dan Hibiki's theme from Street Fighter!?

  7. Watching this 9 years later, did anyone notice that they spell cheetahmen wrong in the intro to the game? (cheetamen at 1:55). It’s minor, but that’s high levels of not giving a fuck getting the name of the game wrong 😂

    Edit: and the sequel is misspelled on the game cartridge 😂

  8. AVGN: "It's like the only way to beat this game is to cheat. Guess that's why they call it Cheetahmen"

    Who Framed Roger Rabit NES game: Excuse you?

  9. Do you know what why the soundtrack mutes when you get hit, cuz it uses RAW PCM instead of DPCM!. It's a CPU-intensive audio type that will eat your 2A03 CPU as the cache $5011 rarely used for the NSF driver cache. The title screen's also playing a RAW PCM samples too!. "Make your selection, now!."

  10. It's funny how the cheetah screams when he's falling off the vine then when he hits the ground it stays silent

  11. fuck man, this was 8 years ago? I feel like it's been two days.

    You know what's bullshit? Time passing by so quickly.

  12. Who else is looking at this again during the lockdown in 2020 I am here in Ireland🏄🏃🏂🏁🏀🎿⚽🚂🚇🚊🐎🚘🚗🚑🚎🚓🏁🏄🏆


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