Cafe: Cooking Tale /Introduction of the Game/ Levels 1 to 11/ Part 1


And I found this New cooking game. Decided to give it a try. It happened to be so funny and calming (for now- still few first levels). I can’t wait to see all the recipes inside. And they keep coming more and more at each next level. Enjoy!!!

One of the most wide-spread and dynamic games for the lovers of cooking is here for you. You will start with the simplest steps and will learn the basics of cooking, get acquainted with new recipes and learn how to cook traditional dishes of world cuisine easily. You will find out the rules of chef’s life in a light and funny way, learn how to make your customers happy and rivers of coins will flow to the hands of the best chef in the region!

At your disposal:
· 300+ levels with new tasks and dishes
250+ of unique dishes
20+ customers with different wishes and traits of character
100+ ingredients
10 theme locations with demanding customers
Tasks for time, speed and skill to satisfy every customer
A game with friends – everyone has to know the best chef here!

Are you ready to conquer the world with your cooking talent?
Then let’s meet in your café!


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  1. You find the best games. This one is silly. It's nice that you didn't start with hamburgers and hot dogs like games usually do.
    I laughed when the lady got in the way of you making the sandwich. xD
    This game does seem really sweet. I like it. 🙂


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