Brand New Total War Rome 2 Political System Gameplay!


Welcome back my fellow Romans as I take a look a the new BETA patch they have put on steam for Rome 2 total war. This patch adds in a brand new political system which is awesome. I try my best to to go through all the changes but will link the patch notes so that you guys can check it out for your self.

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Find the patch here –

Check out the new dlc here – Total War: ROME II – Empire Divided
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  1. What do you guys think of this new freelc patch for Total War Rome 2 ? I am loving the political stuff and am happy to see it finally enter rome 2. What do you guys think of the new dlc for Total War Rome 2 they announced as well?

  2. They Do a shit job then abandon the game, and when they pick it up again to fleece the people for more money, Jackie drops on his knees and gives them his best fish lips.

    Other companies give patches, including content patches, all the time. It wasnt great of them to do so. They just wanted renewed attention so they can sell some dlc. Game is still pretty broken.

  3. They've made a lot of changes since this video was made. Is there a more recent guide on politics that addresses those changes?

  4. 24:01 – He forgot to click at send before finishing haha

    And also at 24:08 his reputation went from Steadfast to Untrustworthy because he declared war before cutting relations with that faction, making him a backstabbing nation.

  5. Man this new politic stuff is fucking the game. Seriously. In every 20-30 turn i'm having a secession. This sht is screwing my campaign. Does anyone knows a mod that disables this politics&power stuff?

  6. I hadn’t gone back to Rome II since this dlc and I was utterly confused until this video. Thank you sir you have a new subscriber!

  7. Gotta admit, being able to predictably getting poisoner for my spy is mint. Love killing like 30% of an army for a few hundred gold.

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  10. I downloaded the beta for power and politics. But on the campaign map some the unitsbanners are there but have missing bodies. And in the battle itself, most of the soldiers have no bodies. Also, in the main screen of the game it says that I need to restart Rome 2 and download the DLC? Well, I already have the game on Steam.


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