Body Ball Adaptations


Body Ball ™ game set adaptations

While the formal game of Body Ball provides many benefits and learning’s for participants within its rule and parameters, there are other dynamics and uses of the equipment that can be imposed to create a variety of experiences or cater to specific needs of individuals or groups.

Game variations:

* 2 Ball game – Introduce and additional Body Ball ball to create even more action.
* 2 Catchers — Two catchers per team will put more emphasis on defending your check.
* 2 Vests on each Catcher — Each team now has the opportunity to score one point when sticking the ball on the front vest or two points when sticking it to the Velcro on the back vest.
* Ball colour scoring — award 1 point if the blue material is facing the Velcro when attached to the vest or 2 points for the red colour.
* Floating Catcher — the Catcher can run anywhere around the outside of the court to get in position for their team to get the Body Ball ball stuck to them.
* Target throwing station — when have multiple gross motor stations set up in the gym, hang the vests on the wall or off an apparatus to create a throwing station.

Special Education:

* Vests and balls can be used as an assisted catching device to help with timing and also allow a feeling of success for participants.
* Wheel chair friendly — participants who are mobile by way of a wheel chair can participate in the official game of Body Ball by wearing a vest not only as a Catcher, but also on the play area. By wearing a vest, the participant’s hands are free to move the chair in whichever way needed and will catch the ball for them as well. Once caught the participant stops their chair rips the ball off the vest and can now pass the ball to a teammate while still having the other hand available to pivot the chair if necessary.
* Autistic applications — teacher’s aids and parents have expressed that their children enjoy the tactileness of the ball, the Velcro ripping sound and the feel of the ball attaching to the vest.
* Fine motor skill development — the softness of the ball along with its very unique shape allows for individuals of varying abilities to hold and manipulate the ball in ways that suit them best.

Crossover Uses:

* Instructors of the game of Body Ball are utilizing the game to create synergies within a group or teach cooperation before introducing traditional team sports units.
* Scooter Board Body Ball — the game is played on Scooter boards
* Bouncy Body Ball — either the Catchers or all of the participant’s locomotion is on a bounce ball.
* Body Base Ball — similar to indoor baseball variation.
* Speed Body Ball — played on Badminton courts with fewer people but more teams.
* General hockey/basketball/soccer skills development (stopping & starting, open space movement, eye-hand coordination, teamwork)
* Staff team development

Tag Variations:
While the number of tag variations are numerous and growing, we have included the top three.

* Runners in the Middle (included with game package)
* Needle in a Haystack (included with game package)
* Frozen Tag

Use of Multiple Boundaries:

* Basketball court
* Tennis Court
* Badminton Court


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