How’s it goin, dood? This compilation features Danny, Arin, and everyone’s favorite dood, Frank. Stayin away from the alcohol?

This was a highly requested comp, and understandably so! There are so many memorable laughing fits from this one… from Arin’s Gollum impression, to the creepy hypnotic poster, to the questionable moral ground upon which NPC’s proudly stand.

As always… when Dan and Egoraptor laugh, I laugh. Can’t help it! Their contagious laughter is what keeps me coming back.

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22 thoughts on “Best Laughter Moments – House Party – Game Grumps Compilation [UNOFFICIAL]

  1. Coming back to this video after the new playthrough has started is really interesting. The game looks so much better now! (It also has Dan and Arin now, so it's automatically better)

  2. There was a horror game with this exact same home layout. I can't think what it was and it's killing me

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